Kay's Fittings is an interior design and image consulting firm for houses, business outlet or offices, gyms and generally any space you want to give a face-lift.  You may be looking to decorate for the first time, to change your decors to match with the seasons or wanting to move with the current trend. 

We specialize in bringing fashion into your home, transforming it from ordinary to exquisite, and even though this is like a cliche statement, kay's fittings is all about making your house a home.

There is a saying that "if you want to do something, it's best to do it right". That is why at kay's fittings we make sure that our products are gotten from the very best sources and are made with utmost care. In other words, nursing a reputation for quality. If you love style and luxury, then you'll love our products, offered at affordable prices. You get a great deal more for a great deal less.

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  1. Just visiting from http://candlesbydeganit.com/ as our goal seems mutual- to make a house a home. I like it!

    1. Thanks a lot, I appreciate. Will visit your site. Cheers


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