Thursday, 23 May 2013


This seems an odd topic but not when you are obsessed with living stylishly. Why have a garden if it is not magnificent I ask myself? A garden shouldn't be used for the sole purpose of  planting herb and fruits, it can also serve as a relaxation spot. A place where you can hangout with family and friends after work or on a weekend. If your garden is large enough, you can even afford to host beautiful parties in this space.

Just imagine a scenario of cooling off in the garden in the evening with the cool night breeze massaging your body and the nice fragrances tantalising your nostril, add a few candles here and there and you have your own private romantic getaway.

Apart from the obvious flowers that will be in the garden, a few more items can be added depending on the size of the space. Some people have a mini sports section where they can play games like badminton, lawn tennis or even basketball, while others just prefer to have a swimming pool. If you are looking for a place to entertain or that private romantic spot, then you'd definitely be needing some furniture. You can also have a section for planting herbs and some fruit plant, afterall, that was the original reason for having gardens in the past.

Accessories needed for basic gardens are few and they are; lighting (subtle) you don't need them very bright, just enough to light the path, throw cushions for the chairs e.t.c. No matter what your design plan is however, the flowers and plants are what make it a garden, so go ahead and have enough of it. In a tasteful way please!

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