Wednesday, 29 May 2013


What else do you do when you have limited space to relax and breathe in some fresh air or even carry out some exercises, and you have a porch or balcony? If it were me, I'll convert the space to my mini-spa /gym or anything I want it to be as a matter of fact. A place where I can entertain a few friends, play some card games e.t.c

In designing your balcony/porch, take into consideration its location and size especially for balconies that can either be in front of the house, beside it or even behind. Think about your family; do you have little kids, careful if you do, you don't want them catapulting over the railing to the ground below because you didn't properly childproof this space that can be made exotic.

Any number of items can be added to your porch or balcony ranging from furnishings to potted plants, beautiful lightings to home accessories. For porches, the seating arrangement/furnishing is usually much lighter   in comparison to a balcony. While you can afford to put a complete set of chairs with a coffee table in a large balcony, a porch usually needs a few armchairs, a swing seat or a hammock. Use beautiful light posts or chandeliers that make a statement. Don't forget these are spaces that make the first and lasting impression about you to the outside world.

A good accessory to your balcony are the potted plants. Make sure to add beautiful flowers with nice fragrances, remember it's not only the gardens and courtyards that can serve for a romantic rendezvous, any space you pick as long as you create the conducive environment can be turned into whatever you want it to be. Have you watched the movie "Act like a lady, think like a man" didn't you just love the romantic dinner setting on the rooftop with all the the candles lit? or "Reese Witherspoon's movie - Just like heaven" Now tell me that rooftop garden wasn't to dieee for. Love it!

A few other items you can add include beautiful throw pillows, works of art, A persian rug e.t.c. If your railings are wooden, steel or made of bricks , you can still make it stylish. turn the entrance pillars to lovely statues and do some art design on the railings.

So when designing your balcony, safety first then budget and then others. Happy reading.

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