Thursday, 13 June 2013


This part of the house is worse for being styled. A lot of the time, these spaces are considered scary. No one especially kids want to go close to it. Many people use it as their secondary dumping ground, a place to hide things you are no longer in need of or things you don't want anyone to see. Come to think of it, it may seem perfect for that use as it is most of the time in places where visitors who come to your home are less likely going to visit. All you have to do is throw in the unwanted stuff and shut the door. You know what?, you have some unwanted visitors visiting those areas and they include: roaches, rats, mold, bugs e.t.c. The attic and basement and sometimes the garage are typically not outdoor spaces but because they are often left out in the general decorating of the home, I have decided to place it here.

When designing any`of these spaces, there is one very important question you must ask yourself? What do I want to use it for? As a storage/gym, laundry, a spa, a man cave, a kids playroom or a gym e.t.c.? In designing these spaces, the second most important thing to do is; you want to bring them to life. Take away all the cobwebs and dreary curtains and put in bright colored paint, wallpaper and furnishing. Use wonderful lightings to add even more bright especially in the basements and garages.

These spaces mostly used for storage and laundry, can be converted to living spaces especially when you have sparse accommodations and a large family or if you have friends always coming to spend the weekend. Here are some amazing ideas of what you can do with your attic,basement or garage besides dumping things and parking your car.

***N.B: Please if you do not have enough parking spaces besides your garage, don't go ahead to convert it all to a living area. You can use it as multipurpose for storage and car park though.


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