Sunday, 9 June 2013


I know a lot of people will wonder and say "What! Now we have to style the swimming pool area?" And my answer as always will be "yes if you intend to make a statement just by living in style." Gone are the days when swimming pools were just a rectangular or square shaped deep body of water at the back of your house or hotel. These days, they are taking all forms of shapes, sizes and designs. They can even be in any part of the house, it doesn't always have to be outside the house, a lot of people now have indoor pools. Indoors, it can be on any floor. I have seen pools on the first floor of house. Some people decide to have it even on a rooftop. People have taken swimming pool designing to a whole new level and it is amazing just to see what can be done with pools.

In designing your pool however, there is one very important thing - your budget! because that determines whether you end up with a conventional rectangular pool or a show-stopping one. Now that you have determined what type of pool you want and where you want it located, it's time to pick out the poolside accessories. Pools don't necessarily need a lot of accessories but a few may come in handy;
  • Furnishing: a few armchairs and a coffee table to entertain some friends
  • Throw cushions
  • Lounges
  • Poolside umbrellas
  • Some plants if you want the natural pool effect
  • Let's not forget lighting; a few lamp post for outdoor pools, maybe a chandelier indoors

Some individuals prefer proximity of the pool to their gyms, so they can cool off after a workout session but also because swimming is exercise in itself.

You know how I love mirrors in any space, well I think you could also use some in this space. If you have an indoor pool, use a free wall to hang some beautiful mirrors and don't worry outdoor pool owners you aren't left out. You can make the wall on the side of the house bordering the pool a wall of reflective long windows and glass doors and they may serve as your wall of mirrors. Some pools also have an adjoining Jacuzzi.

If you feel like adding a clock, there is nothing wrong with that too. Make it a personal space but not a tacky one.

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