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Not until very recently did it occur to me that there is a space called the library that I have just overlooked like it didn't matter. A lot of us see it as a place in a school or an institution or even on its own meant for reading, borrowing and returning books and so on. I too had that notion hence it hadn't occurred to me to write an article on it. Now I see a library as a space that can be created in any home in the most fun ways.

A library can either be a space all by itself or be incorporated into any part of the house, best part being the study room. I know it is difficult to sometimes distinguish a library from a study but I can assure you that even though they are often in one space they can also be separated. For example, picture the library in the "beauty and the beast" cartoon movie, didn't you just fall in love with that library? Remember it was situated in the ballroom not a study, maybe there might be a door linking to the study just for close proximity.

Did you know you could have a library of all you compact disc, tapes and records? It doesn't always have to be books all the way. Some individuals learn more by listening to a tape or watching a video.

In designing your library therefore you must put into consideration;
  • How much space you have to spare
  • Who is allowed into and to use the library
  • Contents of the library: This is determined by the people allowed to use the library. If for instance, it is a library for an unmarried person, you can make it all about the way you want it, but if it is to be shared with a partner and say some kids then some major adjustment will have to come in too.
  • Is the library going to be in a space all by itself or be incorporated into a study or bedroom?
  • How do you want the mood to feel like when you enter the library
Like I said, there are fun ways to decorated your library. Your bookshelves doesn't have to be a long square or rectangular box on the walls, you don't even have to make them from floor to bottom though that is also a nice look for a library. If the library is in a room or study, it's easy just allocate a part of the room to it. On pinterest, I was able to get fresh ideas for a bookshelf that also coupled as a chair. It can be seen as a personal library. 

If you are going to be reading in a particular space, you don't need to be told that great lighting is of utmost importance in this space as you don't want to strain your eyes looking to see the words and figures written in a text.

Try to bring the noise to the minimal level, especially if you are sparing it with someone or people. Different people have different levels of concentration and assimilation. While I may be able to read comfortably with music, my next door neighbour might dose off with the music on or not understand a word of what he/she has been reading for 2 hours.

Get a huge wall clock even if you don't get any other accessories. You need to know how long you have read for. Because even though you may feel the need to continue, you need to rest the brain and body, eat some food after about 4-6 hours of constant reading before you go back to reading.

Don't forget you basic furniture, comfortable chairs and desk. Not too comfortable that you sleep off everytime you sit on it and not so uncomfortable your behind hurts. You can do your shelves in many available designs. Feel free to throw in a few throw cushions and a rug.

For those with kids who want to work and watch their children do homework, put them through at the same time, create a section of the study/library for the children's library. You can separate their section with mini-shelves, each for a child in a different class so their books don't get mixed up. A section of theirs should be covered with rug, mats and pillows so they can have their siesta after assignment right in front of you.

Ventilation is also important. Don't allow the books acquire moisture and go bad or develop moulds that can give you serious health issues.

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