Sunday, 7 July 2013


Hey guys, I know I was away for a little while and I had good reason to be. While I was away I was extremely busy preparing for the graduation party of my younger brother who just became a Doctor of Dentistry, so he is a Dentist. I've always known him to be a bookworm but never a motivational speaker. He was the class representative (class rep) of his class and as such was their valedictorian. He then had to give a speech on the graduation day. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears, you have to be with your dictionary to understand a third of what he said but I enjoyed it and it got him a standing ovation even from the professors of his college. 

Seeing him up there on the stage solidified my theory that we (humans) are all multi-talented, we just have to harness that talent and put it to good use. In his words, "the power to choose our destiny is in our hands! " Here is a video of his speech

Here are also a few photos from the event:

My Aunt

The Celebrant and I

My lovely brothers


  1. Great thought, wish your brother congratulations!

  2. Thank you very much Will let him know


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