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Hello friends, good to be back after a brief break. Discussing about decorating your homes based on themes is a pretty huge topic and transcends lots and lots of cultures, religion personal style e.t.c. It also requires a lot of research and I have learnt some new things. Like it is often said, learning never stops until one is dead. For some reason, I chose to kick-off from the far east, the Asians. Maybe, it's because I visited India and loved it or maybe not.

The Asian-inspired theme can also be called the oriental theme. Even though most people think the orients to be only the Chinese, they are actually the countries on the far-east. They main countries that come to mind again are China, Japan and India. The main colors for decoration in the Asian inspired theme are red, gold, tan and green. However, For the purpose of this post, I'll be limiting the Asian-inspired theme to the Chinese and the Japanese. I'm aware that each of these countries are different even though most of the outside world sees them as the same. I understand this because in Nigeria, all the Northerners are called Hausas when there are a host of tribe in the region. They however have a lot of similarities in decorating hence the reason for merging them. The Indian theme would be discussed in another post later.


Statement art
Simple bamboo-like plant

Low furniture

Screen doors
Designed  screen doors

Paper Lantern

As always in designing any space,there are considerations to make, starting from your budget, shape and size of the room, what it is intended for, the theme (sets the mood and type of items to be used for decorating most times), furniture, lighting and accessories. The aim of an Asian themed space is to make sure it is spacious, airy and sleek as in modern. It embodies the modern or minimalist type of decoration. There is no need to overcrowd a wall it art and accessories. Each of the components used for the space decor should be able to make a statement on its own and not out-shined by irrelevant objects.

In furnishing these spaces, the furniture should look very light weight and as close to the floor as possible with comfort in mind. Just a few pieces would do. 2 or 4 cushions or pillows placed strategically around a low dining table can set you on the right part to creating your Asian theme. In general, furniture (sofa, bed, chairs) that looks like the legs have been cut off are ideal.

The lightings are sleek and are usually bright. More natural lights can be let into the space by use of screen doors and windows (usually these are translucent not transparent so you can't see through them). The screen door may be plain with squares or designed. Paper lantern lights can be used for outdoor purposes.

Accessories are those from the countries involved for example an umbrella in a strategic location, a wall fan, an artwork, a statue e.t.c. Another common feature are plants like bamboo, orchids and animals like the Panda, Dragon for the Chinese.

If you want an Asian themed decor, I believe you now have the basics of what it takes.
Happy decorating!!!

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