Friday, 9 August 2013


Awhile back, as I was about to begin my marriage courses, a requirement by the church for couples planning to get married, my fiance and I went to my parish priest (being a catholic and all) to inform him our wish to start the classes and he directed my us to the priest in charge of marriage. Upon meeting with this priest, he told u that we had to first of all register the marriage in the church we intended to wed in, then to collect a letter from them permitting me to take classes in another parish. 

The priest then asked us what date we planned to fix the wedding, then we planned it for May and at this time, I had little over 3 months for preparations. The next words he said weren't the least bit encouraging. First that we were already too late and secondly, that the classes held up to 3 times in a week at times not compatible with my working hours and days since I have to take calls as a doctor. This meant I'd be missing some classes. I proceeded to ask if I'd be given some consideration for the days I'm on call and he said a big 'NO'. I decided to try out another parish about 5 minutes from my house. Here, I met the catechist and he was happy to hear that I am a medical doctor. Right away, he gave me 4 topics out of the 16 outlined in the book and told me to just call whenever I wasn't going to make it for classes. I was even happier with this arrangement as it held only on Saturdays and I could make it 2 or 3 times in a month.

You know the funny thing about us humans, I began to think I was doing him a favour my taking those classes conveniently choosing to forget that he chose not to pernalise me for my absence like the other priest. Did mention that I had a bad case of stage fright? Yep, I do! a terrible one. I might be good with a pen and paper but please don't ask me to face a crowd, not even a small one of 5 people. I hated presenting at any seminars even our doctors meeting. Usually people would complain that I talked too fast and too low and so they didn't hear a word.

However, as I began to tutor this small group of individuals constantly, I had a boost in my confidence levels and I began to speak louder. The last presentation I made at work went better than expected. No one complained about not hearing what I said. It was refreshing. So, not only did I gain my marriage classes, I also improved on my presentation skills. If I had not looked else where, maybe I wouldn't have been given the chance to teach anyone.

Dear friends, when that door looks not just closed but locked, take a look around, there might be another door even a window that is opened. You never know!

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