Friday, 13 September 2013


I woke up this morning without a thought but to get up and get ready for a long day at work. After some hours, I realized that lots of people on my blackberry list were putting up display pictures of Friday the 13th and relating it to horror things and unlucky days and then I remembered. However, I wondered why this had to be so. I decided to take a step further into some research on it. I know I promised to make it a food or fashion Friday but when else do you blog on Friday the 13th if not on Friday?

From my research, I discovered that Friday the 13th is a western urban legend or superstition which didn't have any records before the 19th century and wasn't popularized until the 20th century. It started amongst the Italians especially Gioachino Rossini. He considered Fridays an unlucky day and 13 an unlucky number and what a coincidence that he died on Friday the 13th! Many other theories have been proposed about the origin of this particular date, but I'm highlighting only one for the purpose of this discussion;
  • Following the Gospels, Jesus Christ was crucified on an unlucky day, Friday.
  • In the events that occurred before his crucifixion, he had the last supper with his 12 disciples. Many people believe that if 13 people seat at a table, it results in the death of one of the diners.

There are some other days also considered as unlucky Tuesday the 13th in Spain and Friday the 17th in Italy. My take on the whole Friday the 13th issue? I don't believe in any lucky or unlucky days. I personally haven't paid much attention to it. But considered this, If there are at least one and at most three of such days in a year, does it mean that on those days, you'll hide at home even if you had an appointment to meet. Let's not forget that there are things called domestic accidents. I've seen people who were in their homes and a car failed its brakes and ran into them. Just last year, a Dana aircraft from Abuja enroute Lagos crash landed into people's homes taking their lives. So while we are been scared of a date, Let's remember that the life we have isn't ours alone. God gives and he takes.

Now on a lighter note, today is also international chocolate day. So stop being too superstitious and relax. Afterall, it's food Friday here at kays fittings

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