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Without paying much attention, the nautical themed decor could very easily be taken for a beach theme afterall they both have one thing in common - the sea. However, while the concentration for the beach theme lies more on the elements that make up the surroundings of the beach, the emphasis is placed on the ship for the nautical theme. Another very important feature of the nautical theme is that bold stripes are used for its designs like on the upholstery, throwpillows, rugs e.t.c

In creating the nautical theme, you don't have to go all out and buy specific kinds of furniture and all. The design can easily come alive in your living room or bedroom just by accessorizing alone. Take note however, that these accessories aren't your usual kind. Before I go down the lane of accessories which I love so much, let's talk a bit on the colors of the nautical theme. The nautical theme colors are usually in the shades of ash, grey, black, white and the blues in stripes and most of the brown shades in accessories. For the most part, the walls are usually a neutral shade usually white. With fashion and style now, almost any color goes as long as it's striped as shown in the picture above.

This is the part I just love best! the accessories. To take it above and beyond, Imagine a real canoe been used as your bookcase or even shoe rack as shown in picture 3 above - Superb! Or get an anchor or wheel and put up in a strategic position. In the same photo, a big log of wood served as the curtain holder. Isn't it just amazing! Oars or paddle as some of us know it may be hung on the wall, checkout the photo below. Not to blow you over with my excitement, if you are just looking for a simple way to do the nautical theme, it's also possible. Just get a miniature of a boat or yacht and place it atop a cabinet while also not forgetting to bring in the theme with striped throwpillows, beddings, rugs or even floors, walls and ceilings. You can also use framed pictures of boats or boats on throwpillows, if you can't get a miniature one.

Note** The nautical and beach themed decor can be mixed together to create a maximum day at the beach effect. The stripes don't have to be all equal lines or symmetrically arranged colors. Bold stripes can be interspersed with thin ones. Another trend that seems to be coming into the nautica themed decor is the used of checkered prints instead of stripes. others using wavy/spiral lines instead of straight ones. Flags may be added, anything that can be found on a boat.

I hope you enjoyed this article and wouldn't be afraid to be a little more daring when it comes to making home gorgeous. Cheers

Photos courtesy: A friend on Google+ +TARAI TURVI

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