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Finally, I got a setup in mind on how to talk about fashion without sounding too cliche. I'm not one to beat around the bush and so I'll go for this hot sizzling topic but first answer this question;

  • What is sexy to you personally? I don't want some dictionary definition or what you think it should be. No, I want your thoughts on it and please don't be shy. Drop your comments, would love to read them. I'll start by telling you what sexy means to me
To me, sexy doesn't mean scantily clad and walking on the streets. In this part of the world and I'm pretty sure most other parts, it's considered dirty dressing. Sexy is putting on an outfit you are comfortable in but absolutely smashing HOT!!! In the same vain, sexy undergarments have to be comfortable while sizzling. They should not be worn just when you think someone else (particularly the opposite sex ) will be watching but everytime. Certain designs of lingerie make certain people feel sexy while for others it's about the colors and  patterns. There are colors and patterns that have been attributed to sexy underwear and they are black, red, white and animal print, particularly leopard.

Red is a color that is naturally connected with things that are hot like chilly/pepper or danger. Same goes for black. The white sexy girl wants to feel like an innocent in her outfit, if you'd just recall the purpose for wearing white in weddings started to showcase the innocence of the virginal bride. For the animal print, lots of people say it brings out their hidden animalistic sides. Undergarments should be soft and light-weight and cool on the skin. Some beautiful textured materials to choose from are silks, lace, chiffon or pure cotton. Now whether you decide to go for the G-string or the fully covered types is entirely up to you and how you feel in them.

A thought crossed my mind and I decided to share with you my friends and readers. While some people have only one color of undies in their collection, some others may have an array of colors. If you fall into the group of people who love to have them in as many colors and patterns as possible then this is for you. Why not match your clothings with your undies? Take for example, you are wearing black pants and leopard print top, why not wear black panties and leopard skin bra? First of all, it makes you look forward to dressing up everyday and secondly, it brings the sexy back into your love life by keeping your partner interested.

Hey guys, you are not left out. I know lots of speedos and G-strings are on display on stores and the internet for you selection, but you have to be very careful what you pick. Any very tight underwear that might generate heat is definitely not safe for you and your unborn children. This is because the heat prevents the generation of sperm. So while trying to look exceptional sexy, we do appreciate it, just make sure you selected the cotton type of underwear. Otherwise leave the sexy for the supermodel who wear them just for a photoshoot.

Have lots of fun, feeling sexy with yourself. Cheers....

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