Friday, 25 October 2013


Before I started writing this post (which was last night), I'd planned to write a recipe on how to make a french toast. Then I decided a lot of people already knew how. Next thing I know I'm craving it and planning to have it for breakfast. The absurd thing however, is how out of the blues almost at the same minute, I started thinking of pancakes. Believe me if I didn't know any better, I'd say I am pregnant! what with all the nausea and malaria now sudden craving when I finally am up to blogging again. Oh I finally realize where all the buttery sensation and sudden cravings were emanating from - the kitchen. My sister decided to try her hands at baking. She baked a cake and succeeded in burning it. She wasn't to be deterred though, infact she back up her resolve with the words "practice makes perfect" and I believe her.

So back to my food for the week, which do you prefer? I am still undecided though I thinking seriously, I'll end up with pancakes rather than french toast. Apart from the regular syrup, it can be eaten with many different side dishes like fried eggs. So I woke up this morning feeling much better than I've felt in days but still not very strong (hence the reason this is been posted now + no light all day to power my laptop). I decided I'll just boil the eggs instead and eat with bread. Eeewww!! while I watched my siblings enjoy theirs with scrambled eggs yes it was a terribly boring breakfast that I had to endure since my stomach was still revolting against me.

This is just my thought for today and an apology to my dear readers who eagerly  awaited either food or fashion Friday. I promise to make next Friday both tasty with the recipe for my personal french toast and fashion forward.


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