Tuesday, 22 October 2013


There are things we do everyday without paying much attention to it or giving it much thought. These "health benefits" posts are to enable us realize that somethings shouldn't be taken for granted, they may help you in more ways that one. Take sleeping for example; did you know that you are supposed to sleep for a certain amount of hours a day? And that too little or too much sleep is not good for the systematic functioning of our bodies. 4-9 hours of sleep per day is the adequate requirement for an adult, the average being about 6-7 hours. Too little sleep is associated with atrophy of the brain but on the contrary, too much doesn't make it swell. Let's take a look at the benefits of sleep.

  • Improves our mood: I don't have to explain how but to say that we already know how crappy we feel when we go for long hours without sleep and it's not just about the eye bags. It helps with depression and anxiety too.
  • Boosts memory: it helps in learning and creativity. After adequate sleep, that brain is well rested and can function better. Your ability to pay attention is sharper
  • Reduces stress: Have you ever had a very stressful day and you are going home with a headache? Well, it has happened to me countless times. All I do is eat and go straight to bed. I always wake up feeling refreshed and without the headache.
  • Increases life span by reducing stress and boosting the cardiovascular activity. Now even though the heart never stops working until death, it too requires its rest time. Remember the heart rate is never constant, it goes up and down according to what activity we are involved in. So, when we sleep, it is a good time for the heart to rest and recover.
  • Weight maintenance through good metabolism. Also going to bed early means no late night temptations to eat junk, and therefore, no additional unwanted calories.
  • Prevents Accidents: it is not only people who drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs that get into such problems. Those who are sleep-deprived can also get into all sorts of accidents from minor accidents at work to more severe car accidents.
  • Boosts immunity: It does this by reducing stress, stress has been associated with low immunity. It has  also been shown that those who don't sleep well are more susceptible to flu and cold.
  • Better skin through the secretion of growth hormone. It also makes you look good. 
  • Improves your sex life: guys when you want to get down and your lady is complaining of being tired, please allow her a few hours of sleep. She'll wake up refreshed and ready (as long as she's not thinking of more housework to be done). So learn to help your partner with the home chores. Same goes for you to o ladies.
I hope you've got some much needed information here, so the next time you are thinking of beating that deadline or writing that exam, remember to take some time out to sleep. Go ahead and have your beauty sleep. About the term "power sleep" that's sleeping for about 30 minutes or an hour before going back to work. If it works for you, well... okay but it's not the best option.



  1. I had to laugh at the last point. I know how it feels when I haven't slept. I've had insomnia for as long as I can remember.

    1. Hi +Onyeka Myrebornhair thanks for all your comments. Try and do something about the insomnia though


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