Monday, 7 October 2013


A little history, (what I think and not necessarily how it is written in the history books) before we go into what it means to decorate with a Mexican theme. First off, who do the Mexicans remind you of? Basically, the Indians. Remember in the old days (pre-colonial) the Americans called them the Red-Indians and then they were colonized by the Spanish. The Southern Americans who bear a strong resemblance to the Mexicans and the Spanish are known also as the Latin Americans. I'm pretty sure a lot of us have come across the terms Latino or Hispanics. Not to digress too much, I have decided to take it as one topic because of their similarities with offence to and country or tribe. Mexico is a multilingual country with a lot of mixtures of people from different background

The Mexicans like the Spanish have a vibrant and fiery nature. Their language and the way it's communicated, their traditional outfit, dances and even their food is spicy. So permit me to ask, What else do you expect of the Mexican decor? In creating this type of theme for your home decor, you have to go for the colors and the accessories. The choice of colors are a wide range, form the red, yellow, bronze, gold and orange that the Asians use to decorate to the blues and greens of the tropics. Any color that brings or adds warmth to a space The Mexicans love to use the rustic theme in decorating, using wrought iron and hard wood.

They are very religious people, mostly Catholics and they love graphic patterns usually elaborated in the throw blankets, rugs and tapestry and the arts usually pottery with clay or painted and hung up as framework on the walls. The throw blankets can be thrown on the back rest of your dining chairs or on the table to serve as a table cover. A grand way to create the Mexican theme is to have a feature wall illustrating a religious theme in painted glass just like you have in many Catholic church. If you are now a Catholic, you can illustrate a more traditional Mexican scene like the market.

If you are an animal lover, then pull in some pictures or pottery of mostly horses or bulls. Don't forget that you can add woven objects of decor for more effect. The Mexican theme decor is another one of my favorites and I can't tell if it's because of the rustic theme included or the vibrant colors or the culture and traditional ways of the people. I hope you share in my love for this type of home decor.

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