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I'm beginning to think that I'm a tomboy at heart because I've not had so much fun as i did when I wrote the nautical themed decor and I'm having that same exciting feeling again. You know, I just can't help but click on +1 whenever I see a rustic, industrial or nautical themed decor on Google+. Come to think of it maybe it's the effect of growing up surrounded by 3 boys before my younger sister came along, forcing me to always stand my ground. Now my brothers accuse me of thinking like a male not the female that I am. Can you just imagine that? Anyways, it doesn't matter which it is as long as I know who I am and I and proud to be me. Hope you are proud of yourself too. There can only be one you, cause everyone else is taken.

Onto decor talks, the rustic home design is a proper man cave design. It may also pass for the industrial themed decor. Composed mainly of elements like wood, stones and/or metal, rustic materials too like linen, leather and/or wool. I know you might roll your eyes and say is that not what is found in almost every decor? The difference here is that none of these elements are refined or should i say fine tuned. They look almost like they haven't had any work done to them. The metal look like they might tear your clothes if you go too close *lol* There look raw and rusted hence the name. The wood looks distressed like the furniture guy was halfway through his work and got tired of the whole process or maybe just plain overused and ready to be thrown out. Woven materials ranging from baskets to wicker furniture and woven wool beddings and throwpillows also come into play in this type of decor.

The rustic theme is a cross between the old and new world i.e between modern interior design and the medieval ages where they didn't have enough to spare for luxury. The shapes of the accessories are for the most part angular with rough edges. You may ask again why I love this theme for home decor and honestly, I don't know. If you plan on decorating with the rustic theme then you have you work cut out for you I must say. This theme can be incorporated into any part of your house from the interiors to the exterior. It can blend with the minimalist as well as the Vitage styles of home decor. Well like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of boring you with so much to read, I'll just let you see for yourself. Cheers...

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