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This reminds me of Arabian nights! Remember the animated movie "Aladdin?" Interesting one don't you think? Well maybe not for all. Personally, I loveee animated movies especially the classics. Creating an Arabian themed d├ęcor is not for the weak and feeble, if you intend to go all out with it. It requires a lot of thought process to achieve something spectacular. Thinking of how to write this article on Arabian inspired decor already has me both fatigued and intrigued. Usually, I think of a subject matter, I start writing the post and I'm done writing before I can say Jack Robinson. I read through, edit and schedule for posting, occasionally editing before and after it has been posted. Not to brag or anything, just saying. However, with this particular post, I have started, stopped, researched, edited and re-edited. I have done this for almost a month. Finally, I came up with this. I initially labelled the post "Moroccan theme". However, it seemed too specific and narrow. I changed it to Arabian inspired theme instead. Hope you love it

If you recall, I started writing on themed inspired home decorations a few months ago and we've actually cut across a lot, moving from one continent to another, taking one design theme at a time. The Arabian theme, even though it can be represented in a contemporary manner, is much better if you can do it just the way it should be. It is such a blend of so many themes, it's a wonder it turned out so beautiful. There are some terms commonly associated with this type of decor and they are EXOTIC and LUXURIOUS. A few other things also make it stand out and differentiate it from the numerous themes closely associated with it. They will be discussed as we move along.

Let me begin by citing a few of the themes it has some similarities with and how. Stating the African theme or Safari themed decor might be a little too obvious. Morocco is afterall in the northern part of Africa. From the above themes, You deduce the use of neutral tones of colors closely associated with the deserts. From the Indian theme and the Mexican/Spanish theme, there is the association with vibrant hues mostly in reds and blues and jewel tones. In the arched doorways and windows, and also in the use of textured materials, chiffon and silks. The Asian theme becomes involved in the furniture as they prefer it almost on the floor and with poufs. Let's not forget the rustic theme, simply check out the lightings. The Victorian theme is embedded in its luxurious look with drapery and canopied/4-poster beds.

The color range of this theme is very vast like I already noted. It ranges from neutral tones of browns and tan to vibrant hues and jewel tones of gold, torquise blue, royal blue, yellow, orange, red e.t.c. The colors arise from the colors of the desert, sun and the Mediterranean sea. When it comes to the archs, unlike the Indian theme, it isn't limited to doorways and windows. You'll find it on the walls, as a design on an accessory, by the fireplace and so on. They remind me of the crescent moon, probably that's where they were derived from. The walls of the Arabian theme is not just good enough when left plain. (This can however be done if you don't want to be too strict with your designs). The walls are usually either covered with fabrics to create the illusion of a tent. Or they are extremely designed with Moroccan graphic mosaic tiles (they are usually small - come in 1" x 1" size). To get something similar and cheaper, try stencils or wallpapers. The ceilings also bear the same exotic decor, either painted with a dark color, tiled or given a canopy appearance with wood or archs.

Have you read my post on "mixing textures and patterns?" then you'll understand if I say this type of decor is a master of the art. It begs to ask the question "Is it really enough to use only one type of pattern for tiling the floors and walls?" Up to four or more patterns can be used but keep it all in the same shade to avoid running into the other side where tacky belongs. The furniture is preferred very close to the ground with a myriad of throwpillows, poufs and throw-rugs in beautiful colors to create that comfy feeling. They also love chaise lounges in lovely designs. The lightings are mostly rustic chandeliers, you can just help but adore, lamps (remember the genie from Aladdin?) and candles. You can accessorize with artworks, mirrors (preferably with crystals and jewel-like stones on its frame), Persian rugs, vases and numerous pillows.

The Arabian inspired decor is unique in its own sense when it comes to its;

  • Mosaic graphic tiles and rugs
  • Lighting patterns
  • Numerous throwpillows and poufs

The Arabian theme is quite captivating and it gives you the complete feeling of being in palace.


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  1. I love the Designs !! I would totally have "the Arabian Night" and Moroccan Themes in my home. ! Great Post.

  2. Thank you very much Netta. I appreciate your enthusiastic response. Have a great day.


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