Monday, 4 November 2013


I was in the middle of typing a blog post to be posted tomorrow for tips Tuesday (been at it all week by the way), when a thought crossed my mind. Suddenly I realized that in places like the United States of America and many countries around the world, Halloween just passed, properly celebrated. Don't know what day exactly, think it was yesterday and then Thanksgiving around the corner. I feel the enthusiasm of the preparations all the way over here in Africa. *Lol*. India Just celebrated their Diwali yesterday, confirmed by my mum and brother how much fun they had. Now Nigeria gets an eclipse, Not even a full good one at that! I'm outraged!!!


I was almost at the end of a very busy call, eager to get home and rest when I got a text message saying there was to be an eclipse of the sun from 1 - 4 pm in certain cities of the country including the one I reside in (apparently I missed the news broadcast when it aired previously). Being an adventure freak, naturally I was excited. My eagerness to get home doubled because I wanted to be at home when it happened. Unfortunately I drove out of the hospital at 2:30 pm and the hot sun was in full blast. I began to wonder when the said eclipse was to start. 2 pm was supposed to be the peak period for goodness sake! Still the sun shone on.

I noticed suddenly as I drove home that the sun cooled and the day grew grey on one side and it remained bright in front. Okay, I thought, it would happen anytime soon. I got home and suddenly it cleared! What?! Was that it? My goodness, *pouf! deflated, all excitement gone, we couldn't even get a decent eclipse. 

I think this was the eclipse
The fun part came later, trust Nigerians not to let things slide that easily. The jokes started coming in, as texts, photos and blackberry display messages. Here are a few:

  • JOKE* Imagine some Naija babes thought eclipse is a kind of anniversary and they be like.... What are you getting me for this Eclipse? - Faji Ugwuka
  • JOKE* MTN (a telecommunication) just like your network service, you couldn't even give us full eclipse. mtscheeeewwwww (hiss) - Dannyboy Egbule
  • JOKE* Finally eclipse in Lekki, Lagos *surprised expression* ...... Sorry please it's dirt on my glasses - Emma Ugolee
  • JOKE* President Jonathan has set up a panel to investigate why the eclipse didn't become complete - Nwabueze Ogwuma
  • PHOTO*  - Ike Okite
    This is someone's head by the way

Share your own private jokes here too. 
I really wished we had a full eclipse though


  1. In case the eclipse has not gotten to you yet,please bear with's due to network challenges. Text ECLIPSE to 33358---- mtn (everywhere you go) lol...

  2. Hahaha........That's why I love Naija. We turn everything into humour. Got to love us!


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