Friday, 29 November 2013


Usually, on Fridays I write about food or fashion. Today, I decided to skip it for a post on the thanksgiving holidays. The post would have come earlier too, but it looks like the PHCN staff learnt nothing from the event that took place yesterday. As they refused to supply us with power through out today and the battery of my laptop ran out. Click here to read the event on the PHCN issue.

There are lots of holidays that go on around the world that Africans don't bother themselves with. (The ones we consider the "oyibo" holidays). "Oyibo" being the Nigerian term for "White Man". For example, Halloween, Thanksgiving and a few others. However, there is one I strongly believe everyone around the world should take part in and that's the thanksgiving holiday. We all have one reason or another to be thankful for. If you can't think of anything in particular, then just remember that you are alive today and reading this post. Life is something no one can add to themselves, just the way you can't make a single strand of hair grow on your head.

This year, I have so much to be thankful for. Amidst lots of trials and temptations, we (my family and I) came out victorious.There are some events that didn't go as planned, yet I'm thankful to God. You never know what the future holds, right? As the saying goes, "in everything, give thanks." Another thing I am thankful for this year is the arrival of my brand new niece yesterday. Isn't that just awesome? Anyway, I think this is one holiday Africans and in particular Nigerians should adopt. Instead of totally ignoring it and carrying on with life like "no man's business". Don't you think?

Finally, Thanksgiving is also associated with family dinners, turkey and pumpkin pie. So, I guess it somehow qualifies for "Food Friday". Have a fabulously Happy Thanksgiving guys!!!


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