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If you've read my earlier blogs, then you'll know Mr. Emma Ugolee. He is a Nigerian friend I met while was in India early last year. He is also the inspiration behind the article "an idea" and "jokes extraordinaire". You would also have read my posts "help save vincent please" and "brief flashback and appreciation". It's about a boy you all helped save through your prayers and donations. He made it through and is doing well now.

I do not run a non-governmental organization, neither do I belong to any activist groups but in situations like this, when I see young people sick, suffering and dying, mostly due to lack of funds and through no direct fault of theirs, I have to speak up and lend a voice to the voiceless. And so, I'm sorry but I have come to ask for your help once again in saving a life.

21year Emmanuel (standing) with my friend Emma Ugolee
Last night, I got a text message from my dear friend, Emma Ugolee and this is what it read;
  • "Today was one of those days when grumpy is too weak a term to describe the mood. Money on my mind like mad. The craving to raise a few millions and get this transplant over and done with. Yea, I have got CKD (chronic kidney disease). Yea! it makes the death nap seem welcome sometimes. I know, I know... 'Emma stop sounding negative, it's worse for some people'. The easiest thing to say till the shoes are worn. By the way, do I really know anyone who has it worse? Well, back to the annoying routine of dialysis. I went to the hospital and barely noticed the nurses who were stretching out squeezed 500 and 200 naira notes. Thinking it was for the normal KFC lunch, I asked them to count me in for a piece of crispy chicken. They said it wasn't for lunch but contributions to help pay for dialysis for a 21 year old boy who was N10,000 short for his session. Felt my pocket, did a cash inventory and voilaaa!!! After my bill, there was left exactly N10,200. I dropped it on the table and said "keep una money abeg" (meaning keep your money please). 5 minutes later, the door was banged open with such force, I almost jumped off my bed. Robbers? A fight? before I could figure it out, an elderly lady and 2 young men went on their knees. 3 pairs of crying eyes pouring every blessing thinkable on me. I was so embarrassed, all I could keep saying was "No Ma, Amen, Please Ma, Amen, No Ma, Get up Ma, Amen". She was his aunt. He had missed dialysis for 2 sessions. He is an only son who lost his dad a few years ago and his mum joined his dad 3 months ago. And she who I thought was his aunt turned out to be the old lady of a friend. He was a semi hostage before I came in. Oh my! I offered to do 1 more session on Monday and the tears were released a lot more. My tears were held back as an ebubedike (strong man) until I asked for his name and he said "Emmanuel". Come see me dey cry. I promised him I would ask for him as well everywhere I try to raise funds. After the rivers were cried, I looked at my God and said "please forgive me, I do not have it worse. I'm sorry for not being grateful. Thank you". 
  • What's your pain? Do you know that even with it you are among the fortunate? please always give thanks..... Emma Ugolee

I understand that not all my readers are Nigerians or reside in Nigeria and may not be able to help out by making financial donations. You can do your sharing of helping by putting him in your prayers. You can also call him up (the 21 year old Emanuel) and give him some words of encouragement. Here is his phone number - +2348053283932

To make your donations, pay into his account. Details listed below
Account Number: 0018164155
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

I have called him and he was extremely grateful. Very nice young man. Remember that the greatest investment you'll ever make is that of investing in someone's life.

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