Friday, 15 November 2013


Some many times, I have been confronted by colleagues and co-workers with question of where I do my shopping? Or how I manage to artfully combine my outfits? Sometimes up to the point of taking them to places that I shop or doing the shopping for them. Of course, this is not a bother to me, not even slightly because I enjoy shopping and I believe 99% of females do. When asked how I keep it together? My reply is always the same. I learnt how to prevent easy wear and tear. These are my few tips and tricks to doing the same;

  • Bountifulness: No! I'm not saying go out and buy the whole market or have a closure fit for a princess. In our times, a celebrity with 300 pairs of shoes. You don't have to have something in every color and shade, but you can afford to have staples in basic colors like black, grey, brown, nude, white and navy. You can afford to have more than a pair of black shoes and bag. The essence is so you don't end up wearing one particular cloth repeatedly until it begs to be set free. Too much wearing leads to too much washing and then tearing.
  • Pop it up: Now you have the basic colors in more than one outfit like 2 at least of each in pieces like shirts, skirts, trousers e.t.c. Spice up your closet with some colors. You don't have to look all beat up in shades of black and blue like most Nigerian lawyers look in the name of profession.
  • Budget: I know, I know, so many clothes already! where do I get the money? Easy, you don't have to buy everything at once unless of course, you do have the money to spend. Pick up beautiful pieces one at a time. If you prefer to do your shopping at once then plan and save toward it like you'd do a major project. Remember, looking good is good business. The outfit I have on in both pictures look put together, however, each of the items that comprise of the items were bought separately in different shops, at different times, sometimes years apart and even in different town. 
  • Quality: What would be the point in buying lots of clothes with low quality. Clothes that fade off after washing once. This is the key to preventing wear and tear. Buy clothes and accessories that last. Occasionally you might not be so lucky, but for the most part, you are. Another pointer, durability doesn't always mean expensive.
  • Soaking: I still haven't understood the reason behind soaking clothes for so long especially in hot water just to make them clean. What happened to your soaps and detergent?
  • Washing: Mind the kinds of soaps used. Look at the label and follow instructions. Wash light colors separately always. I once bought a beautiful white and black jacket, quite expensive I might add but without looking at the washing instructions, I dipped it into water and the black ran all over the white. This also goes to show like I said before, not every expensive clothing is of high quality.

These are the few tips to preventing easy wear and tear that I have for now. Hoping you have a better dressing experience. Shopping too of course. 


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