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If anyone wants to learn the art of lavish decor, all they need to do is take a tour around a Victorian inspired decorated home. The Victorian inspired decor is somewhat synonymous with British decor but more in keeping with the era. And so to write this particular post, I tried to go into a British character. I do so like medieval and historical romances regardless of the author. To go into these characters therefore, I had to first of all, read some historical romance novels in British setting. Pardon me if I say things like "I daresay" or "bothersome" it's all in the acting. *lol*. I believed this will turn out to be one of my most interesting posts yet! But alas! I write in plain English. I wasn't able to pull it off.

Anyways, the Victorian decor was named after queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 - 1901. The decor is therefore one that comes from this era. The decor makes use of antique pieces to achieve its look. Think of chandeliers, ornate fixtures, lamps with beads or designs. Can I mention at this point that I noticed it is mostly with this type of decor that you find the use of words with the suffix "-ery" like drapery, upholstery, gallery even tapestry sounds alike though not with the same suffix.

The colors of the Victorian inspired decor are bold contrasting colors usually in royal tones like plume shades e.g. deep purple, ox-blood;  chocolaty brown (sounds edible right?), royal blue and of course GOLD!! The curtain blinds or window treatment which thy often refer to as drapes are not plain or simple. They have to have extensions and additional designs with ruffles, braids, pleats, bows, valances e.t.c 

The furnishings are usually made of dark wood form mahogany or oak and with carvings fit for a king. The single sofa and 2 armchairs you find with most designs just wouldn't do for a proper Victorian decor. The Victorian decor encourages the use of many furniture scattered all  over the space in a decorative pattern. Upholstery is with the use of soft materials like damask, silk, velvet e.t.c. The bed are usually canopy beds with drapery hanging around it. The headboards also have ornate carvings. The more elegant it is, the better. Don't forget the wall treatment, the most commonly applied design is the wallpaper especially those with floral motifs. Afterall, the British designed wallpaper along with the french to replace the use of tapestry which was more expensive.

When it comes to accessorizing  (my best part), the use of a simple throwpillow no matter its shape or size is a waste of time. You have to have the ruffles, pleats, fur even lace. On the walls are hung an array of pictures  and artwork either in dark wood or golden frames (painted or otherwise). Ornate mirrors with gold carved frames. Chandeliers. Light fixtures in form of lamp or candle holders. You'll be needing vases, rugs and some animal trophies too.

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