Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hey there! 
I guess we've got lots of gist to share and memories to keep forever. I'm here to share some of my experiences of this Christmas. Hmmm.... where to start?..... *biting my nails and thinking back for a moment*.

First I got an early Christmas present. Someone got me a Samsung Tab 3. I'd infact being saving for it and BAM!!! I got one.

On Christmas eve/ day, I went to bed very late. It was past 2 am when I finally went to bed, all in the bid to get the Christmas messages out. I ended up editing an old copy and paste message to suit my tastes. Since I couldn't very well send a link to my blog as my Christmas message. [Some of them really don't know how to use their phones for its internet purposes yet. Except to make and receive calls and to send text messages (occasionally). My parents is a prime example.]

On Christmas day, I decked out in a proper traditional attire and went to church with my family. After service, We had the expected celebration. Some cousins came to visit and we had fun.They actually came to invite us for their mum's birthday party that was to take place the next day. At night fall, we got 2 phone calls. Some relatives wanted to come visiting the next day.

Boxing day came, and the relatives arrived with their beautiful families. Children of different ages filled the house, running from pillar to post. Some agreeing to eat and others demanding just fruit juice and meat and video games. It was a hectic day but fun-filled. My job designation for the entire day was as driver and fruit salad expert. I was scared half the time that I was going to miss my aunt's birthday party. And I did but I went anyway

OUR GUESTS: They are relatives too


Half of the family from my father's side

Celebrant's family
Somehow we have uneditable red eyes
Christmas 2013 was  lots of fun even though it was spent in the city this year. Usually the entire families go back to the east for the celebration, where we meet even more relatives who returned from different states in the country and from outside the country. Seriously can't wait for the new year. I'm however guessing that I might just be on call that day.

Cheers guys. Hope you had fun too....


  1. Hi Keren, glad you had a great Christmas. All the best for the New Year.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. I wish you the same

  2. Who is this someone that got you a Samsung Tab 3?

    1. Hey, the person prefers to remain anonymous, much like yourself. LOL


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