Saturday, 21 December 2013


Early hours of Tuesday morning, (Nigerian time), I posted an article on how to use your hands. The response, as always was wonderful and people posted their thoughts on the issue accordingly. (Both on the blog site and on Google+). Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your efforts. Just by the way, incase you are wondering why I didn't enable Google+ comments on my blog. This is my response; I didn't like having 15 or more comments that are not from people, but from communities I shared my posts to.

Now to the gist of today. I just ended my 1 month leave, (not that I rested much with it or did anything particularly important) and resumed work on Monday. That was the day before the post went out. Yesterday, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) picked up the strike baton from (ASUU). The hospital where I work became flooded with all kinds of cases. I guess by now you must be wondering what this information has to do with the use of your hands, well, please wait no longer.

After I posted that article, I became even more self conscious about it. Then I go to work.

  • My colleagues and other members of staff are so happy to see me, they extend their hands in a handshake or a hug.
  • I start seeing patients and I have to show empathy to some of them. Sometimes a pat on the back to say "it's going to be okay". What hand do I use?
  • I have to examine the patients I see to arrive at a diagnosis, I use my right hand. That is the rule in medicine. You stay on the patient's right side.
  • The worse came when I had to do a vaginal examination and a digital rectal for some patients. Here I thank God that I have two hands and 1 for personal use

Just a little something to share on the essence of this topic.

Cheers guys.....


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