Sunday, 1 December 2013


Normally, I don't post on Sundays, (made that decision awhile back - keep the Sabbath day holy and that kind of stuff). But this just had to be posted today. I don't know why but there seem to be lots of weddings taking place this period. Maybe people decided this year would't pass them by. Last week Saturday, I had four weddings to attend, ended up choosing one. This week, another four but none in my immediate vicinity so, I stayed at home. The gist of the fight that took place in one of the weddings drifted back to me this morning.

In a typical Nigerian setting, fights are almost always reserved for burials and birthdays where people drink to stupor and begin to misbehave. Rarely does this happen in a wedding. This is the first time I've heard of people fighting in a wedding and almost involved the groom. Thankfully he was bundled away in time. 

So this is how it went down. The groom had a total of 22 friends who formed his committee of friends. They were supposed to make a donation of N3000 and above each as their contribution towards the wedding. At the end of the day, only 3 of them contributed a total of N20000. On the day of the wedding, somehow, (I don't know how it happened) they were the ones in charge of drinks. First of all, they refused to share the drinks even water during the reception. They said the couple had to come in first. Let me say here that in most organized weddings I've attended, the drinks are already on the tables by the time the guests arrive. Anyway, after much confrontation, they decided to release "pure water" (sachet water). It took another round of deliberations to get them to release the bottled water originally meant for the guests.

What brought about the fight was when the younger brother of the groom accosted one of the groom's friends taking 4 bottles of wine to hide in his car. (It wasn't even time for toast yet). Lollllz..... The confrontation almost led to blows but it was quickly diffused by some onlookers. Gist was, some of the committee of friends members already had their fill of alcoholic drinks and were drunk. After the wedding and most of the guests went home, another confrontation between family and friends led to proper blows this time. More male family members joined in to ward off the friends. The information drifted back to the groom's ears that his brother was under attack. He immediately took off his jacket to rush to his brother's aid. His progress was halted by the arms of his newly wedded wife around his waist and another cousin throwing him across the shoulder and bundling him into his waiting car.

Well, if you haven't found something to laugh about today, hope this does it for you. Don't worry no serious injuries were sustained and everyone is back to being friends again. Lol. I guess this kind of things come up where emotions are in overdrive, and while some people want a well organized event, others are hell bent on having fun at whatever cost, knowingly or unknowingly, ruining the event.



  1. Lol! Nice one!!!

    But ur sentence should read: Last week, i HAD a wedding not have...

    1. Thanks Dannyboy for your comment. That's what happens to me everytime I write a post once (in a hurry) and don't edit before publishing.

  2. weird wedding! lol
    Thanks for this post.
    My experience was actually not the same, but same-same lol
    It was one of my best friend's wedding.To cut the story short, the couple had fight in between wedding ceremony, photo shoots and reception, Dunno, must have been the pressure from bride's perspective. But in the end, everything went okay. they are quite happily married now, i must say.

    1. That story is so funny.... Thank God they are happily married now. Thanks for sharing Kazelle.


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