Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hello everyone!

I trust you are all doing great. I guess also that you are at the peak of the preparations, today being the eve and all. Anyway, we at home are at the peak of food preparations against tomorrow. I stole a little time away from the busy kitchen to write this post just to wish you a very, very merry Christmas.

It's 1 hour to midnight here in Nigeria and I still don't have a proper Christmas message composed to send to my family (extended - uncles, aunties, cousins e.t.c), friends, clients and my faithful readers. How can that be? Usually, I have my messages ready to be sent out by the 23rd of December. Did I get busier or what? I think this laziness started with the advent of smart phones. Where people can now easily copy and paste messages to marked contacts. With the advent of even smarter phones like androids and blackberry, came broadcasts. The problem with broadcast messages is that they go round the world with the speed of light. All people have to do is read the first line and know they've received that particular message like 10 times already.

I'm not going to go with the conventional blessings, you are already blessed. Believe it. I'm also not going to be hoping to be the first or last person to wish you a merry Christmas at 12 midnight. That's a bit cliche, isn't it?

So for my Christmas message to you, it goes.... "Have a blast at whatever you are doing (even if it's sleeping) on this very special day. Have lots of fun, but try not to end up in the hospital. Unless of course you want me and other health professionals to make more money. Then that's fine. Above all remember the reason for the season. He name is Jesus".

Cheers guys......

**P.S**  My sister is still looking for forwarded messages to copy and send, while my parents and brothers work hard at composing something original. I'm almost certain she'll steal one of theirs. *LOL*

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