Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I promise this is not news. The media already had that covered. I'm just bringing you ways in which some people all over the world paid their respects and who some people thought he was. I got the news late Thursday night of his demise. It was a sad news but I wasn't devastated. It's the truth, no need for the pretense. I'm not melodramatic. To me, he was a hero but he didn't affect my live much sooo... Anyway, by the next morning, as my dear 'very typical' Nigerians would have it, they put his picture up on their display message on blackberry. Each one with the personal message of either "RIP Madiba", "A hero has fallen", "farewell madiba" or "There would be none like him in our lifetime". Below is a munched photo of my recent updates.

The reaction of Nigerians towards the late Mandela didn't bother me in the least. I understood their necessity to look like they truly cared, (that's for some) and the need to "feel among", to feel that they had the latest news (For the others). I guess some were genuine reactions, who knows for real. My bother came when I saw some other display pictures. Apparently some people didn't know a thing about him but felt the need to share him on their profiles. Take a look at the photos below;

It was hilarious!!! I laughed so hard... almost rolling on the floor, then I sobered up a bit. It was fair. Then I got angry at the people for their ignorance. I mean, why bother with posting something? I was busy smarting from the reaction of my fellow countrymen. It was exactly the same thing that happened when Steve Jobs died, and more recently Paul walker. I was furious as to why the young generation was so unintelligent despite an advancement in technology. Almost everyone I know now has a smart phone, Kids inclusive. However, when I saw this twitter grab, I bust out laughing again. It would seem, ignorance has no restrictions. This was not the icing on the cake, it was the cherry on the icing! *LOL*

On a more serious note though, it's not a must to open your mouth and say something just because you see other people's mouth moving. They could be chewing on something.



  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Some seriously silly folks

  2. Most of those messages were purposely made for fun. They r not real messages from ignorant people. Some people purposely make such bbm status and mucnch dem n share for it to go viral. Its just d typical fun loving nigerian way of making light of some situations. Its done all d time wen someone famous dies or wen sometin perculiar happens.meanwhl, mandela was a hero like u said.he was a role model nd someone we hv alwaz read abt in sch since we were kids.his death touched so many of us. I don't see anytin bad in putting him up as our dp to wish him farewell weda he affected ur life personally or not. Nena kalu-Nsi

    1. Nena, thank you for your comment. I know some of them are purposely made for fun, but some people really do not know these people. I don't believe miss posh was joking about hers though. Sure she thinks its Morgan freeman from the movie "sarafina". They look alike you know

  3. :D. I even remember people posting pictures of Morgan Freeman instead. Some even thought he was a singer. Just don't get some people


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