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The post some days ago was a collation of the views of Nigerians,  (at least from my small circle of friends) on the anti-gay law, recently passed.  Today's title was picked up from my dear friend -Eman,  who had lots to say on this particular issue, I had to dedicate an entire post to his take on the anti-gay law. Because of the length of this post, I'll be making my opinions known in another post. Here is what Eman wrote; 

Anti gay bill brouhaha:
I hear the agitating concerns on the president's anti-gay bill namely:
  • Nigeria has more serious issues
  • Consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever
  • Judge no one
As logical as these thoughts attempt to look from a distance, I beg to disagree with the proponents. I shall take on each at a time:

  • Nigeria has more serious issues: The docile look of gun powder doesn't make it equivalent to Johnson's baby powder when a match comes close. Potency is not always visible. Dismissing the long term effects of building a morally permissible society as being less volatile than corruption with the potential to plunder a people is suicidal. Come to think of it, is corruption not a product of decay in morals and values? Like homosexuality, were corrupt acts not things we once shuddered at with shock and disbelief? Jerry Rawlings was called a human rights violating barbaric mad man by the international community for shooting every corrupt leader before him in Ghana. Nigeria on the other hand slowly made room for the anomaly that crept in. Today, Ghanians are still shocked at corruption while Nigeria has global recognition as the world's third most corrupt nation. All because one nation acted early. All this talk about how corruption is a bigger problem, did it not start slowly like this? Has it not grown to a monster? This monster of corruption would be a dwarf to the monster homosexuality is assembling. America started on this note and today, they have legalised soldiers sleeping with goats, chickens, pigs and all kinds of animals. Up next, incest marriage, I guess. Sociologists argue on all kinds of matters but the one thing they all agree on is that the family is the singular, most valuable unit of every society. Attack it successfully, and you can pull any society down. An ashawo  (prostitute) in the 80's was the forbidden few haggard old mama youngies living in cheap hotels. We let her metamorphose into an educated, polished girl with a new name - "runs girl" in their millions. How? Cos the guiding principle that we permitted was "it's ok to switch cash for the sacred sex", now see what we have. Your friend, daughter, neighbours could well just be ashawos cos we went past the shock part. Our family value system would be filled with irrevocable decay if we let the things that once shocked us be allowed to stay. When male and female toilets would need no longer be identified. When it would be pointless to teach half the things we learnt in biology, when nollywood would hug gay scripts. Are we really ready to awaken this beast? 
  • Consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever: how does it affect you?: The safe haven of a third party Indifferent observer protected from the harm of homosexual immortality around him is the greatest mirage of all time. Wetin concern me? The answer to this question I ask of you to give after you consider the following; a)- your children: would your child not go to school and trade the usual home tales with children whose mummy and daddy are two heavily bearded men? Negating moral orientations you've instilled? b)- the media: the prevalent culture of a people influences the contents of music, movies, advertising e.t.c. This content in turn is sold through the electronic media, press and online media to everyone. The power of the media to mold a people is argued only by the unwise. If you doubt this, you may ask yourself, how did America take over the world by selling its mentality? Was it not from TV and music? Why is sports that holds only in America known as world series? Did sesame street, WWF, knight rider e.t.c not shape the thinking of generations? Why are we inclined to hate people who hate America without an iota of understanding of what their grievances are? The answer again is what Hollywood has sold. Sod bearded middle eastern guy in the white robe is automatically the bad guy. If drastic measures doesn't stop this now from growing into a part of us, can you stop it later from taking mainstream avenues like TV, Internet e.t.c to move your currently passive acceptance to gradual endorsement? The power of subtle registration on the subconscious is why we hardly notice when we adopt new thinking. The so called liberal minds who treat this abomination lightly are mostly those who are widely travelled and worldly enlightened with western orientation. So the "how does it concern me" ideology falls flat on its face with them as living proof of how exposure to foreign thinking can slowly affect you against your conscious will. It affects us all. Hence the saying "love is in the air". Are you going to stop breathing, Mr. Wetin concern me?

  • Are you God to judge homosexuals?: The one question that unfortunately serves as the perceived arsenal for this set of people. 
  1. Practicing homosexuals
  2. Those who actively endorse homosexuality and condone it. 
  3. Those who passively accept without necessarily encouraging it
  4. Those who are purposely oblivious and Indifferent about the subject matter. 

The second solo rival set would be: those who abhor, condemn, stand against and are repulsed by the homosexuality. Consisting of those who can hide their disgust and those who can't. 

Whichever of the two fractions you pitch your tent with, you stand for a force. One evil, the other, holy. One led by Jehovah God and the other by Satan the devil. I do not have a hot piece of yam in my mouth, and I know you are reading in black and white. So, no need to wonder if you got the intended message. You did. Homosexuality is particularly anti-God. And with him, there is no sitting on the fence. Lukewarmness and guiltiness are the same. Prophet Eli/Alyasa (Arabic) was made by God to fall and break his neck 4 being passive about the wrong his sons did. Again, the "wetin concern me" mentality was the one thing that put the guy who buried his talent without proactive action in trouble. Ever wondered where the word sodomy (anal sex) came from? Sodom and Gomorrah. An entire city destroyed by God because they didn't pass an anti-gay bill. God's stand on the matter is clear. "Men must not lie with men...." He made Adam and Eve. His order was copulate and fill the earth. When he wiped the earth with water, he kept 4 men and 4 women. Animals too kept in pairs of the opposite sex. The one who propagates an opposing view, who says,reverse the instruction is the one called satan, whose name, by the way means "opposer". So, now ask yourself what side of the divide you are in. Ancient prophets who spoke against acts condemned by God were emphatic and direct about pronouncing God's judgement. Jonah and Neniveh, Lot and Sodom, Paul and the Romans. These were not making themselves judges, they only cried out loud,  "this is wrong! God hates it, stop it". That is all some of us are doing. We are not playing God, but are taking his side with the right degree of vocal power. If it seems like judgement to you, sorry it is not me, it is your conscience at work. While sin is sin, it is only natural for some sins,  (by man's standard) to make you just raise your eyebrows and others to bring tears to your eyes. White lies and premeditated first degree murder would never attract the same level of attention. So, please bear with the strong uproar and placard carrying situation that greeted the gay incursion.  "We no go gree o! We no go gree". One of the characteristics of living things is irritability. Expressing that doesn't make me a judge over you. They say "sin is sin". So are prostitutes, fornicators and adulterers (which almost all are guilty of) any different from homosexuals?  Did Jesus not say cast the first stone if you have not sinned? For a start, Jesus was not referring to sin that was wilfully and proudly committed. He spoke of what you may call "adamic sin" that which none of us can escape. Romans 5:12 says "through one man, sin entered into the world.... thus all men have sinned."  Like a baking tray with a dent, every piece of cake baked in it must reflect the dent. Another passage says to God, "if sin is what you looked at, who would stand? Nobody. Because we carry sin out of our mother's wombs. So, really no one is free of sin. So Noah, Abraham, Paul, Jonah, Lot and John the Baptist who were men known for condemning evil works around them, were sinners in the context that Jesus spoke of and having been there, they too would not have cast a stone including the one called "the friend of God -Abraham". Did that stop them from pointing fingers to grave sin committed around them? Who sent them to go and speak against those sins? Now, I had mentioned "Jesus was not referring to sin that was wilfully and proudly committed", clearly what homosexuals are doing. Are prostitutes, armed robbers and adulterers asking you to legalise their acts? Asking for rights to flaunt such an ill? Isn't there shame in their game? The heart condition, shame, pain, regret and willingness to change is what God sees and so repentant homosexuals are welcome to his house if only they repent. When marrying under aged girls demanded to be a recognised institution, did we not all rise up and cry out? So would we for adultery. Those wives who cast and bind at home and husbands who are suspecting and would March nude on the streets if anyone dared to tell a society that it was okay to celebrate adultery. Finally, homosexuality unlike common sexual sins is a twist of nature. Unnatural as paedophilia, bestiality, objecktophilia, incest e.t.c. They are disorders. Do not forget that homosexuality was first studied as a disease. Did fornication get that treatment? I am not holding brief for any form of sin please for sin is sin to God. I am just saying that man's disgust for some sort of sins is absolutely understandable.

My thoughts will come soon enough. Just as soon as I can type them.


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