Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Hello everyone!

I know it's been quiet for awhile. Quite unlike me with my almost everyday posts, right? Well, I've been at war with myself. I'm having a bit of an internal conflict and I'm guessing you'll help me resolve it, if I ask nicely. Right? As most of  you already know, I am a medical doctor, specializing in family medicine. I started designing and custom making beddings, which gradually progressed to involve other aspects of interior decor. That was for a year prior to the onset of my residency training programme.

I started the programme, and it didn't slow down my commitment to my business. People marveled at how I could keep both of them going at the same time. Somehow, I did and it was no bother at all. Then, along came blogging. It became another addiction to me. Just like watching television, (and I mean watching almost anything on TV), or reading a good romance novel. Some of you also know the story of why and how I started blogging. If you don't then click here for more details.


Enough about the intro, now to the conflict. Sometime late last year, with all the holidays and festivities in the air, most people focused most of their posts on thanksgiving, Christmas, new year, giveaways e.t.c. They were fun to read and sometimes inspiring. Some other people decided to take a break. That's also fun and fine with me. Everything got very quiet including things at the hospital. That was also a welcome situation. Everything put together gave me sometime to think things over and try to put things in perspective.

You and I both know how addictive blogging can be, with the need to promote our blogs and increase traffic. Especially for someone like me who has addictive tendencies, trust me it's not even funny. (Which is why by the way, I'll never smoke anything. *LOL*). So right now, my brothers and colleagues can't stop teasing me about having 4 full time jobs, namely;

  • Medical doctor
  • Interior designer
  • Blogger
  • House work among other things.
My schedule became even tighter with shortage of doctors and nurses at the hospital. Additional "stay in the hospital" time was also added for the training programme. I believe I am over-worked. So I decided to make some of it part time, and have only one full time job. I'd love to hear your inputs on this. Which would you want me to make my full-time job? I have a feeling I already know. Like duh.... 

This might take away time from my regular blogging, but I'll try to post something when I can and I promise it would be great. Still got some things on the pipeline.



  1. And to think wifey duties haven't been included yet.........

    1. See me oh! I didn't even think of that. Guess it will come naturally.

  2. Which would you want me to make my full-time job?

    Ah Ha! Before anyone says anything I go tok first... Answer: NONE!!! Keep pushing AS LONG AS YOU CAN! And simply make modifications to ensure you are not overworked and do not get burnt out. You are only overworked when you body begins to complain and as a doc. you will know that. I believe it is very important to keep all your interest alive as you really don't know which one might end up being your true calling.

    I will say most certainly prioritize what you are doing, but don't drop anything if you can avoid it!

    1. Thanks Ajibola for the encouragement. Definitively something to have in mind.


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