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My last two posts on the Nigerian anti-gay law have been a collation of the views of Nigerians. Today, I'm writing down what I've learnt on the matter so far,  and my thoughts on the issue. A link I saw on Facebook prompted the speedy decision to write the post I'd earlier promised you. Here's the link;

Let me just say at this point,  that this post is in no way meant to castigate or segregate against the gay society as many people seem to think.

Ordinarily, the typical Nigerian rarely reacts to the decisions made and passed down to the masses by the government. Apart from when they fought against the child marriage bill last year and the fuel subsidy issue, 2 years back.  So, you can understand my shock and surprise when they reared up against the anti-gay law.  Writing's this topic has made me go into so much research, I might just be a teacher soon, Lol. First, I tried to get a bit of history on the topic on discussion. Naturally, I did a bit of postulating. (Nothing much, just random thoughts that entered my head.)

The first thought that came into my head was that maybe the Catholic monks and priests started it. (Don't misinterpret this please, I'm a Catholic too).  My reasoning was that since they weren't allowed to marry, they didn't have a way to ease their sexual urges but to use the little boys who come to the seminaries or monasteries. These boys grow up, and don't all become priests. They go into the community and practice what they've learned. That thought didn't satisfy me, so I went on to postulate that maybe it affected people with low self esteem, unable to get a boyfriend or girlfriend and decided to be different and try something different. They decide to date same sex individuals under the pretext that they don't care about the opposite sex and then it evolved as they found out that they were comfortable with it. I still wasn't too happy with this explanation, so, I went on to pick the brains of some colleagues. Some said it was because they got sexually oriented that way while growing up. Probably because their mothers wore the males dresses, put makeup on them and made their hair and vice versa.  (Especially when they really wanted a particular sex and got the opposite). Others also said there was no point in looking for how gayism started, since it started thousands of years ago, in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Because of all the fight against it as a violation of human rights by both the local and international community, I decided to check out the fundamental human rights of Nigerians. I found out that there were 12 of them. Click here to view. However, I didn't find anyone being violated. Again, I took it to friends and family, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I found out at this point, that the rights being hankered on about was actually according to the American law as stated in their declaration of independence. Not quoting, but I think it said something like its citizens had the right to live their lives in whatever way they chose or was it to derive pleasure in whichever way they desire. (I guess that's why marijuana is now legal in some states in the United States). Anyway, that aside. My question now is; If this law is applicable to individuals, why is the international community shoving down other country's throat a way for it's citizens to live. Now the gay community is faced with arrest and imprisonment where their actions were once ignored. All because a decision of legalising gay marriage or not had to be made.

Nigerians are highly religious set of people, irrespective of their cultural or socio-economic differences. Also irrespective of the type of religion, whether Christians, Muslims or even pagans. From the little I've observed 99% of Nigerians belong to one of the groups. Whether they are committed to the religious type is a different matter. Another fact is that all these religions abhor homosexuality. I believe most laws are derived from the 10 commandments of God, if God didn't see the need to keep man in check, these commandments would never have happened. Remember, man goes astray when left to their own devices. True or false?

Many people have asked why there hasn't been a law passed against prostitution, adultery and pre marital sex. They ask if these aren't as bad or even worse. What everyone seems to conveniently forget is that the prostitutes and adulterers aren't carrying placards and asking for their acts to be legalised. Just last year, Senator Yerima submitted a bill to be passed, the bill was to allow under aged girls the right to vote as long as they are married. Nigerians fought against it vehemently and the slogan #childnotbride was created for it. People poured our of their houses to sign the petition against the bill, and the bill was never passed into law. I even wrote a thing or two about it here on this blog. Prior to that, a few years ago, these same "never do well" senators got into their carnal minds, the need to pass a bill to legalise prostitution and abortion. These bills never saw the light of day. Now watch this, after gay marriage was legalised in western countries, did paedophiles not come out to fight for their own rights to be legalised? Afterall, it is their own sexual preference and the way they derive pleasure. I don't even want to go into the problem that is bestiality. They hide behind the phrase that both parties consented. Tell me please, how does a child or an animal consent?

There's a whole lot that go on in this world of ours that we turn a blind eye on.  Not because we accept, but because they are mostly done in secret, and we leave it to religion to handle. Asking for the legalisation of things that are morally wrong is like saying there should be no law, no punishment for crimes committed. Finally, I don't have any hatred for anyone, just the acts. Afterall, we are all humans created by God. Let's not forget however, that God makes no mistakes. I don't believe anyone was born that way. In the beginning, God created them man and woman, Adam and Eve, (neither Adam and Steve nor Ada and Eve).


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