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So today, I got a rude awakening. Apparently, it still hadn't dawned on me that I now have a new surname. My sister sent me a package today and labelled it as "Dr. Keren Ogwuma". When I got a call from the delivery guy asking if he was speaking with Dr. Ogwuma, my first reaction was "WHAT!" I was about to correct him by saying this is Dr. Amaechi," when I realized Ogwuma is now my new surname. Loolll. Yes, it's true I'm married, 1 week old now. This is how everything happened; There are loads of photos to see, so please bear with me.

As with most events, there are bound to be glitches and this one was no different. Maybe, it was because I had no wedding planner, but I really don't believe that. Most brides in Nigeria don't have wedding planners, they plan their weddings with the help of family and friends creating the links to the necessary vendors. Let me rewind to a few weeks ago, a bit after the traditional marriage. I went back to Benin to put finishing touches to what I had left to do and head back to Abuja. At this time, our clothes and accessories for the day was already set. I had been ordered a year before. The venue for the reception was set, My hair and makeup appointments set and I had a decorator for the venue ready. I now had to get the programme for the day ready. As with everything I do, the programme just had to be unique. I didn't want the regular paper-back programme, so I opted for leather and ribbons.

The Programme

A lot went into the making of this programme. It took my family (YES! every single one of them) and I, 2 weeks to complete 200 pieces of this.While one person was measuring and cutting out the leather, another was cutting the curved edge. Somebody else placed the straight ribbons and another the lace trimming and crystal beads. Someone else tied and placed the bows and another sewed the buttons. At some point, my dad got a tailor to sew more buttons. It was crazy. Nobody knew what to do with me. Afterall, it was my wedding and it was what I wanted. Thank God we finished just in the nick of time.

I decided to do the something new and something old thing common to the western culture, so I got something new (well most things new) - my gown, shoes, most of the jewellery; something old - the longer part of the veil from my mum. I already got a new short veil, but when she showed up with hers, I had to oblige her and find a way to add it to mine. I ended up with a 2-tier veil, which was fabulous. Something blue - my brooch, the new of dress was also "BLU by Mori Lee" and something borrowed was the hardest to get. Initially I wanted my sister's bracelet but then I found a more beautiful one. I made up my mind to do without the something borrowed but that morning my makeup artist decided I should borrow my sister's hair clips and improvised something else for her. So, I got all of them, "something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed".

The transformation process: Both my hair stylist and makeup artist arrived late. This time, the photographer was early and he had to wait for them. It was he turn to get mad. (Remember he was extremely late for the traditional wedding). At the end of the day, I think they did a pretty good job. Don't you?

My trusty makeup artiste - Monique!

The church service (Mass, as I am a Catholic) was for 12 noon, precisely because we didn't want a reason to be late. Still I was running late. My bridesmaids weren't ready. One of them had a dress malfunction that morning. The car that was to take me to church wasn't there when I got to the car park, (the driver lost his way was the story I was told), so I used the car meant for the bridesmaids. Besides the most important people needed for the wedding to start was the bride and groom and the priest. In my haste, I forgot the programmes and the rings. (Thank God I packed them together in bag and showed my sister ("Maid of honour" or as we commonly say in Nigeria "Chief bridesmaid"). She brought them with her. So with no bridesmaids, a groomsman became my temporary "made of honour" assisting me with me gown into the church. It was hilarious!

It was time to walk down the aisle with my dad and I forgot to cover my face with my veil. I had to be reminded. (I was told at the wedding rehearsal the day before oh! somehow, I still forgot.) I never knew that the wedding rehearsals in Nigeria was totally different from what I see on television. Here the attention is only on the bride and groom. Nobody cares if your bridesmaids and groomsmen show up or if they walk in with you. and as a matter of fact, the bridesmaids came on their own and the groomsmen in trickles some with their ties, others without it. (I still have some ties with me. LOL!!)

Here (below), we said our wedding vows and exchanged our rings. I didn't put up any of those pictures simply because I really don't look good from the side with my mouth open. He doesn't either. I guess I'm so vain.

I decided to put up some pictures of the wedding vows like who really cares? Well, truth is I found 2 that weren't so bad to look at. lol.

(Above) signing the marriage register with our sponsors and the priest. Our sponsors (witnesses) came pretty late. My parents had to stand in for them.

The church service was over and it was time to take a few shots with the guests. After the first few shots, my feet started hurting. My shoes were killing me, I didn't break into them before for the day. Which is why I got backup flat slippers. There was an order of photographs on the last page of the programme but no one seemed inclined to follow it. What happened was, you called for brides family, grooms family show up; groomsmen, all men in every kind of suit imaginable appear. It was hilarious looking back now, but that day I was getting irritated. I didn't understand why people couldn't follow simple instructions. My feet were killing me, I was sweating because of the puffy gown, The sun was up and everyone was disorganized. At this point, I decided to get rid of one of the problems - MY SHOES!!!... You see, I was beginning to frown and I didn't want frowning pictures in our album.
Couple with sponsors
Couple with parents
Couple with mother and brother-in-law
My beloved friends (Asheobi girls)

This was supposed to be the groomsmen photo. lol

Staff of Faith Mediplex Abuja & Healthcare International

My secondary school friend - Bukola

He tried to lift me up and we almost fell. It was so funny. Love was in the air jor!

Did you notice that the groomsmen were again absent in the pictures? They had to get to the venue to get things going. I thought I'd be able to take a few shots with them before the banquet begun. Then I remembered on my way to the banquet that the bread meant for the first course was still at the bakery. Nobody remembered to pick it up. The cameramen/photographer had to go and pick it. When they got back, it was to late to take pictures with the groomsmen. The souvenir had to be put in their bags and ready to share. At this time, was when someone else realized that the cups for the fruit salad and ice cream (dessert) was still at home. Like really!!!! 

Sister of life! my maid of honour

I'm sure you are wondering why I have 2 little brides and 1 flower girl? Well it was originally meant to be 1 little bride and no flower girl but they are all sisters, so when I picked the middle sister (the one to my right), the little one started crying so the mum had to get her a white dress, she also got a silver dress for the eldest daughter so she wouldn't feel left out. She did all their hair and BAM! they were in the train.

My colors were navy blue, sky blue and silver and it just made the venue so cool. Even I was impressed with myself. The day before, I went to check out the venue, the centre pieces were arranged haphazardly, same as the children section. I wanted the children to feel like they were at a birthday party so I got sweets, biscuits and chocolate specially for them.  

This cake has its own story. Yep, it looks crooked and Nope, it wasn't designed like that. My aunt was the cake designer/caterer, so she asked my brother and uncle to take the cake to the venue. I really don't know what it happened, but when the cake arrived, it was bent and she was angry and crying. She didn't show up to give the cake speech of what the colors meant. Anyway, the MC decided the cake was shaped like that so he said it meant all the twists and turns and struggles of life and the the heart shapes on top meant that "Love conquers all". Wasn't that brilliant?

Awww! He's so helpful!

Showing off the rings

Our first dance

The Guests
About  the guests: There is almost no Nigerian wedding that has a list of less than 200 people. The crowd is always impossible to control, unless of course you insist on strict invite and have huge bouncers at all angles. Initially we planned for 200 guests, then it was 300 and then 400 guests and 50 seats for the kids. the venue was full to capacity and overflowing. Till date, a few people are still mad at us for not inviting them.

Time to eat! Anything you want

More Photos

Groovy with friends

Groovy with daddy

My errant brothers

Time to throw the bouquet

She caught it! My Sister-in-law to be

Our vote of thanks

Dancing with the kids

The guys having fun

All in all, we had loads and loads of fun! Everyone ate, drank and danced to their satisfaction I guess. We thank God almighty for his mercies and good plans towards us, we also thank those who made the sacrifice to come and witness the first day of our lives together. For those who couldn't make it, Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I wouldn't wish for anything else. This is our happily ever after.

The road seemed rough and distant but true love smoothened everything and supreme providence brought us to our destination.
Now that we are here, our love shall be sweet like new wine that gets better with time. Our hearts shall know no gall of bitterness that cannot be dissolved by the flame of forgiveness.
Our household shall multiply and our hearts never divided. For our marriage will be like a silver ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance, and its ending is eternity, because we love each other. It is our only true adventure.


** Watch this space for the honeymoon update. Cheers.....


  1. This is really beautiful. Enjoyed reading your write up....a lot of laughs in between. Nicely done. Happy Married Life dear....wishing you a lifetime of love and God's blessings!!!

  2. Nice piece. It wad like readin a novel. Dis is a fantasy turnd reality. Wasnt hapi i cudnt make it. Hapi married life all the same. Its Jackie. Cy's frnd.

    1. Thank you Jackie, indeed it was a fantasy turned reality

  3. I kept on going back and forth with the pictures as if i missed out something in the previous,lols.Beautiful pictures Keren and big congratulations on your wedding,may God bless your union completely.

    1. Thank you so much Rashidah, Didn't realize I hadn't replied you till now. Glad you liked the pictures

  4. Very nice pictures Keren!! Reading, I could almost see the details of your ceremony. Una try!! You made such a beautiful bride! Enjoy the honeymoon and may God bless your union!!! Congratulations to oga as well :)

  5. Kumud Sambasivan31 August 2014 at 16:37

    Congratulations! Karen! You look so beautiful! God bless you! Lovely Couple!


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