Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hello everyone,

This post should be a sad one, but as with everything else that Nigerians do, they just make a joke out of it. So the world cup has begun and the whole #bringbackourgirls campaign slowly died down as the fever of the world cup took over. Teams have played, some won while others lost. Then the Nigerian team showed and drew with the Iranians. After I finished partially watching the match (partially because it was my hubby who was actually, watching, jumping and running commentary while I listened), I opened my facebook page and checked out blackberry updates and here's what I found;

  • Abeg Nigeria don score for anybody TV? Na still 0:0 for my own oh! I no know if my TV dey hang. - This I got by the 2nd half of the match
  • The hashtag #bringbackourboys started trending (even on photos)
  • This particular post was very long, so here's the link : #BringBackOurBoys http://wp.me/p3IN2v-5G via @NdubisiObasi

  • Rubbish team, rubbish boiz.... Waste of dp and status.... mscheww *angry smiley* Ghana wud make me proud. (Unfortunately, Ghana lost their game too. Guess she's depressed right now).
  • What a complete waste of my time - 2 hours! arrrgghhhh
  • Bokoharam 0 - Alqeada 0 (This actually means Nigeria -0: Iran- 0
  • Revealed! No goal for Nigeria in this world cup- by goal line technology
  • Even NEPA don vex. (Looks like power went out in that part of the country)
  • Nigeria na only una waka come? Wat about the goals, goals to tell us dat you trained 4 dis tournament? Do you come with any? You were not informed too? Ok, continue... Now FIFA is calling u 2 come, dat they will help u find the missing goal, will u keep quiet?! Chai, chai, dia ris God o, there is God in anything dat you are doing! Those goals dat others are sharing in Brazil will answer. Diariz God oo, diariz God oo. (This was my absolute best! When I read it, I swear if I wasn't sitting down, I would have fallen down and rolled over. It was a perfect imitation of the first ladies outburst to the kidnapped chibok girls).
  • As usual, the permutation starts; If Argentina and Bosnia beat Iran while Nigeria beat Bosnia and draw with Argentina, we will still qualify. Haba Naija, when will we get tired and do things well. Always seeing hope where there is no hope.
  • Psychological trauma, watsed time, money wasted on fuel, delaying my supper. What else caxn I add cos I sincerely feel like suing Keshi and his creeping ducklings.
  • Though we all knew this before the match, it's safe to say we are in no Fashion or Form advancing to the knockout stage. Might as well cross Nigeria out.
  • African Champions my left h***y n***h. Our under 17 boys would have done way better! Keshi is nota tactically good coach and we have overrated players. We were lucky at the nations cup and let us understand that we must get a playing pattern to win at the big stage. Anyways, let's pray we qualify for 2018 world cup.
  • And Steven Keshi has the guts to socialize with Carlos Queiroz??? As for Mikel Obi, I can't deal, 7 seconds o the ball at some point and literally just stood there.... Super Eagles might as well start packing their bags and head home! On to the next one....
  • Two horrible teams make for horrible soccer.... you can't cheat life. LOL
  • This match was fixed! (I don't understand this one).
  • This same mouth wey una dey take run Keshi and the boyz down na em una go take praise them soon, cos Iran go draw with Argentina and Bosnia... we go beat Bosnia and draw Argentina..... That was how this world cup matches were fixed last year December in Malaysia.
  • Some presenters at a radio station said nobody should eat "draw" (okro or ogbono) soup for the next one week' so the team doesn't come out with a draw n their next match.
    Some people eventually got pissed on the backlash on the footballers and had these to say;
    • But really, let's be honest with ourselves. Isn't the performance of the super Eagles a reflection of the mediocrity of the average Nigerian? How many of our doctors, lawyers, engineers, e.t.c. can compete with their counterparts in developed countries? So why are we expecting magic from Footballers and their coaches? (This right here, I don't really agree with. I mean our major problem with healthcare in Nigeria is lack of proper equipment mostly). Education has the most problems. Yep! I guess I'm bias.
    • Naija... we are really short fused as a people going by posts on the social media. Just a game and everyone is going ballistics on the super Eagles without any objectivity. It says a lot about us and our approach to even more serious issues including Nationhood. We need to learn patience,restraint, perception, strategic long term planning, analytical decision making and objectivity. Let's be less spontaneous, irrational, egoistic and unrealistic. #upsupereagles... (I like this one and it's very true).
    Well, I'm tired of laughing and have to go to bed. Hope this cheers you up a bit. (I nor write any one oh!)

    See ya!


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