Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hey guys,

Happy sallah in arrears to you. Today, I thought I'd write something on decor. It's been a while! Don't you think? Anyway, you know, with my other discussions on themed decor, I always say go with the accessories, but with the musical themed decor, you can go all the way. From the architectural designs to wallpaper with musicians or music signs to decorating with real musical instruments.

Music pool

As always, we start with what colors to use for the space, type of lighting or furniture, however, in this case, there are no such restrictions. You can choose any color you love, any type of furniture or light fixtures. There are no rules that dictates a particular way to go. For this type of decor, I say "just go with it". 

Music house

A little advice though, the minimalist approach is preferable, especially when choosing your furniture. You could also do a "pop of colour" or "a feature wall" (refer to older posts on this blog). 

The main thing to take away from this post is that adding real musical instruments only adds to the design. It is only in this design that you should have a band in your bedroom, for instance. 

I'm feeling a bit sleepy right now, so I am off to bed. Nightie night guys. Cheers......


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