Thursday, 4 September 2014


About four months ago, I wrote this post on the kidnapped Chibok girls. The whole country and the infact the whole world when on a #bringbackourgirls campaign. Even the first lady shed tears on national television. This led to some popular phrases commonly used in Nigeria now like "chai, chai, there's is God oh!" or "na only you waka come" even "all these 'things' you are sharing". In other words, her little effort turned out to be a joke. Well, that is besides the point. At some point, the international aids came in to help with the search. An information spread around the country that the girls have been located in the Sambisa forest using drones. Everyone excepted the next news to be one of rescue of the girls. No such news came. Soon the International aids disappeared from the scene like they where never present.

A few weeks later, the world took on something that would bring smiles to their faces - the world cup, while the whole issue about the chibok girls is swept under the carpet and expected to lie there quietly. This same world cup is supposed to unite the world. I guess it does that for a few weeks amidst the rivalry. The Nigerian team gets kicked out of the world cup and a few people trace their steps back to where we were before the euphoria of the event overtook everything else. This was in July.

Some typical Nigerians decided to make fun with the matter

The month of August greeted us with something even more scary than boko haram. That something scary is ebola. It is what everyone talks about, and with good reason too. My worry now is what has happened to those young girls? Should they be considered lost to us forever? Is this a political thing? I ask over and over again. What exactly did the internationals see to make them pull away. My conclusion is simple, The system has been severely compromised. You can't tell me that the sect has more ammunition than the military. Let's not forget than these same Nigerian military are the ones sent for peace keeping in other African countries. Who supplies them these arms? 

Anyway, I have said my bit. As far as I'm concerned, Nigerians shouldn't rest until we've been told of what has happened to the chibok girls. Let's not forget it could have been anyone in their shoes, Would you like to be forgotten just like that? Again I ask, WHERE ARE THE CHIBOK GIRLS?


  1. I don't know where the Chibok girls are but I can guess.

    1. A few of them are pregnant
    2. Another group are married to Boko Haram
    3. Some have accepted to be suicide bombers
    4. There are many more girls kidnapped everyday in Borno state.

    Not to turn this into a joke but about 90 something boys were kidnapped sometime last month. So it will be fine to have celebrities holding posters that say #BringBackOurBoys

    Have a great day Kerren. And keep it up. This is another fine post

    1. Thank you Iroko for your comment. This needs to be taken seriously oh. Suddenly they've been forgotten.

  2. Oh my, such disheartening news! Where are they indeed? I can only imagine the horror they're going through granted that they're not yet safe. We've been busy we forget these people who need our prayer an our help in locating them. Hope the world will keep on searching for them.

    Thanks for this awareness.

    1. Thank you for commenting Superlux. They truly need our prayers.


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