Monday, 27 October 2014


Hello everyone,

Something very annoying happened to me yesterday. It was made all the more annoying because it was caused by a NNPC. However, as I sat down to write this post, I reflected on the events of my day and I could only shake my head. Let me continue by asking this questions;
  • Do you live in Nigeria?
  • Do you own or drive a car in Nigeria?
  • Have you ever bought fuel you car in Nigeria?
  • Have you ever been defrauded by the person refilling the fuel?

My day started unusually early yesterday because I had to drop someone off to catch an early morning bus. As I was leaving the park, I had things in my hands including my car keys. I didn't realize that one of the items had dropped from my hands. A man selling meat by the road side, drew my attention to it after several attempts. (To tell the truth I didn't want to respond to his calls but when he persisted, I did). Lo and behold! I had dropped the N5,000 that I planned on using to fill my tank later that day. I thanked him, picked up the cash, and as I drove off, I wondered what would have happened if it had been someone else (maybe the park  touts or even a bystander). The fact the he is a Muslim didn't shock me because I know that apart from the extremist, Muslims are quite good.

Later in the day, I went to buy the proposed fuel. I went to NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation). You see, I was tired of buying from the privateers where almost anything goes, so I decided to buy from only multinationals like total and Co. I opened the fuel tank and I'm watching the meter closely, this guy puts in N100 worth of fuel and tells me it is N1,000, (according to him, he thought I said N1000) I begin to scold him that he was wrong and he tells me to look on the other side, that there is something wrong with the meter. Before I could walk to the other side, he erases it and types in N4,000's worth.

He fills in the remaining fuel and I start my car. The fuel didn't get to the level that it should. I started to argue about him cheating me and he's telling me many stories. I couldn't even yell or harass him. I had children in the car and it was almost 8pm and the area was becoming deserted. I didn't know what to do. I was scared of what might have happened if I raised an alarm (especially with the children inside the car). At this point, I realize it was of no use arguing. I made the big mistake. I should have checked my fuel gauge the first time he said he already put in N1,000 and that the meter was bad. I decided instead to bring it to your notice. Please observe the following very carefully when buying fuel even though you have been doing it before because if the hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, the birds must learn to fly without perching.

  • Always know the level of your fuel gauge before you start to buy.
  • Be especially careful during early mornings and late evenings and nights. That's when the crooks come out to play for obvious reasons. You are most likely rushing for an appointment or to get home.
  • Always observe both the fuel pump meter and the activity of the sellers.
  • If they ever say things like "sorry it suddenly stopped, I have put in a certain amount already" or "I thought you said this amount, I didn't realize you said that amount", watch out! that's the trick language. At this point, tell them to hold on so you can confirm from your car fuel gauge before they continue to fill.
  • Multinational company or not, if you are in Nigeria, I believe there is no difference after this my experience.
Just in case, this gets to the CEOs and managers of this company, this occurred in NNPC, Wuse zone 1, Abuja, opp Oando filling station. Please Nigerians, I understand that there is a lot of poverty and stress right now but stealing never solved any problems and honesty pays. We can all learn from the taxi man who was given a national honor for returning 18 million naira to a stranger who forgot his briefcase in his cab.

The part that made me shake my head while I reflected on my day was that, while one man gave me my money when he would have easily stolen it without been caught, another duped me from a good and service I was already paying for.

Remember my posts about the airline theft and fraudulent activities? This isn't funny anymore fellow Nigerians. It has to STOP!!! If we don't build our country, no one else can make it right for us. We have to effect good change individually, regardless of what is now seen as the norm. God help us!



  1. really sad.
    Hope you never experience that again.

    1. I really hope so. I have decided to be more careful and avoid early morning and late evening buys.


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