Monday, 3 November 2014


I know this may seem like an unusual topic but certain things have happened recently in my life and at work that has made me decide to write about this. Two days ago, I was on call and a pregnant woman in labour was rushed into the emergency room. I immediately instructed that she be taken to the labour ward where all the help she needed could be offered. The doctor in the ward was informed and he went to see the patient. Some minutes later, I was called to come and give a second opinion because he couldn't pick the fetal heart sound. I got up from my bed grumbling because;

  • (1) I just got there and was trying to catch a few minutes of sleep before I an awoken to see the next emergency patient. 
  • (2) I had to go up and down a whole lot of stairs to do this business.

Anyway, I continue to get the business done, got to the ward and saw the patient. I listened and listened but heard no fetal heart rate. I began to curse the health sector in Nigeria that doesn't work. I got angry that my centre have refused to replace the sonicaid that got bad. (If it was available, nobody would have broken this my little sleep). I began to wonder why we couldn't operate a 24 hour ultrasound system, even if just to listen to and confirm fetal heart rates in the middle of the night calls. Bottomline, I couldn't hear anything save for the maternal pulse, and since she was already in labour, we decided to allow the labour progress. No need rushing in for a caesarian surgery for an intrauterine death. I walked away with only one thought in mind; "God why did you allow this happen? Worse still, at term?"

Of note, was the fact that she was an unbooked patient. (By this, I mean that she didn't register the pregnancy or attend antenatal clinics with us). She had been told by another clinic that they couldn't pick the fetal heart rate and to present at the teaching hospital. She decided to present to us and didn't volunteer that information until she was delivered of the baby. Instead she told us that she was referred because she had an elevated blood pressure. (Her blood pressure was truly a bit elevated). Her reason for ditching the teaching hospital for us was simply because we are a faith-based organisation.

Her husband and pastor, the nurses, midwives and orderlies began to pray with her. The labour progressed and by early hours of the morning, I heard while in the emergency room, that she had delivered and the shocking news was that the baby was alive with good apgar scores!

Occasionally, I have prayed for patients and nothing happened and so I decided not to pray everytime, mostly for reasons I'm not sure I know at all. This woman's case was indeed a medical miracle. How often have we (doctors, nurses, healthcare givers) written off a case as impossible, incurable and God comes in and works unbelievable wonders. This woman never gave despite repeated confirmation of a dead baby. she had faith.

If you have read this, and you are going through some challenges, health or otherwise, regardless of what you've been told, know that God has the final say and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing is impossible for him to do. Infact, after this experience, I got encouraged to continue praying for my patients no matter the end result. I don't own anyone's life and can't give it, but I  can try my best (physical, medical or spiritual) to preserve it. May God help us all.

N.B** please do not misunderstand what I'm trying to say. Seek help, while believing God to make it well for you. Faith without works is dead.



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