Friday, 7 November 2014


I have always been one to advocate that it was time the young, able bodied men and women in Nigeria take up the reins of leadership. Time to tell the old politicians that we can do a better job. I am also one not to judge a book by its cover, mainly because, I have been judge countless times by my looks and I end up surprising the people who have made certain assumptions about me. Having said that, I am also a realistic and logical person. This is what I have to say about Nollywood stars turning to politics. 

Firstly, it is nothing new, there have always been migration of our beloved TV personalities to the political side. However, the reason their migration is causing so much roar this year is simply because they have decided to take the bull by the horns and contest squarely for the positions they seek. In the past, most of them probably lobbied for certain positions of commissioner or special adviser to someone or whatever other positions and they were appointed. 

This news of nollywood actors becoming politicians filtered into my ears when I heard about #Desmond Elliot's aspiration to run for the house of assembly in Lagos. Then, I heard of #Kate Henshaw and then a few others. I really wasn't bothered. I just thought, "hmm.... maybe their move to the music industry didn't work out so well, why not try for a bigger pay". Besides, Arnold Schwarzeneggar did it.

Anyway, Nigerians, we need young, vibrant, fellows who will be able to make a change in this our beloved country. It doesn't and shouldn't matter if you have fallen in love with them on your TV screens. (Just like most women and girls have fallen for telemundo). We do not need people who are going there to create more selfish opportunities for themselves. Therefore, before you cast your vote, (don't close your eyes oh!), open it very well, even wash it and choose the honorable individual who, to the best of your knowledge is there to serve. 

No look ushay face oh! Shikena.


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  1. This is absolutely hilarious. I guess one of the reason you posted this was to make us laugh. Hahaha, laughing is healthy. It's a shame that there are no moral criteria to becoming a politician in Nigeria, even political leaders who have been convicted and pardoned for various crimes are in turn celebrated and compensated with political appointment. So, my take on the topic is that, Nigeria movie actors are having increasing interest in politics to achieve their selfish personal gains as they also want a share of the national cake. Well, I've not seen any impact of the few actors who have become political office holders, they often become mute as a result of their bank accounts swelling because of political yeast. Anyway, I stand to be corrected, I'm still waiting for the Nigerian actor who will become a politician and be saddled with national interest.

    1. Lol, it's indeed funny. And yes! They are all running in politics mostly for selfish reasons.


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