Thursday, 15 January 2015


Dear African Leaders,

If you ask anyone who has known me long enough, you probably get the confirmation that I absolutely hate writing letters, whether it's a formal or informal letter. I'd rather do something else. I'm sure this might come as a surprise to many since I'm a blogger. To me however, these are two very different things. I am writing this letter even though it may seem very political, (and I keep saying I'm not a politician) because some things need be said by someone else, for people to hear them. Afterall, we need mirrors or someone else's eyes (if they see properly and tell the truth) to know how we look exactly right?

The world as I have known it since I was a child has been plagued by many wars, small enough to be interpersonal and large enough to involve the whole world. Most of these wars if not all are caused by the need to show our superiority over others or simply to air our grievances over being so wrongfully treated. For a long time, I have decided not to watch any news channels because I concluded that all they air is one bad news after another, repeatedly. Recently, the wars and killings have escalated. I don't know why exactly, but maybe it's because of too much technology or maybe we now have unnecessary access to fire power or maybe the world is simply coming to an end.

We have all heard of Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Osama Bin Laden of Afghanistan. You surely can't forget about the fight between Israel and the Palestinians (Hamas group) so soon. Is it ISIS or the Kenyan shootings or shootings in Paris? And back home, the Boko haram sect. Countless times, I have seen Africans blame the white man for all their problems. While some say they could have left in the dark ages, others don't want to lift a finger to help themselves. The price of crude oil goes down, the Americans caused it. The Chibok girls didn't get released after foreign aid came and left, it's their fault. Now, there is the Paris situation and the killings of about 2000 people in Baga by Boko haram, the Nigerian media were too busy covering Paris while there was a massacre back home. Next thing I know, Nigerian took to social media with the hashtag #jesuischarlie. Then, there is the 1000 man match in Paris and Nigerians start to blame world leaders for not marching against boko haram.

Let me ask, what are our political leaders doing at this very moment? Campaigning for the upcoming elections. What have they been doing against terrorism over the years? Did they see Israel's response over the death of three teenagers? I'm not for violence or anything like that, but, when you show your people that you care enough for them and would any length to protect them, then, they'd stand by you.

Africans especially Nigerians (sadly) are generally regarded as opportunistic and lazy. We are also hardworking and creative. Problem is, nothing has been put in place. We want to blame the whites for our problems? Let's see.... they invented electricity and everything we know that could may life comfortable for us. All you have to do is stop stealing the country's money long enough to install these facilities.

Africa my Africa, land of rich human and natural resources, and all we are interested in is the oil. We wonder while there is so much unemployment and poverty, it's simple. The cost of running your own business is so high, it's unbelievable.  Hence, you have people who only want to import products from China and other parts of the world and sold. Products, I might add, that could be produced in here. However, majority of the people can't produce anything, because production would require electricity, good roads e.t.c. Both of each we are seriously lacking. Who can run a business burning fuel day in, day out.

My "ogas at the top" it is time to rise up and take some responsibility. Time to lose the "lazy, "stupid", "opportunist" or whatever title the world chooses to label us with. I'm not saying we will be the next world power, but never say never right? Lol.
PS* if you are a kind of boss, this also applies to you. Abi?

Yours faithfully


  1. good letter Keren, you are right about doing what needs to be done, we are aware of the over support that is happening in Africa with aid but we often sit and watch the leaders of Nigeria dance around giving out rhetoric while people suffer up north, what are they doing?

  2. Thank you for pointing me to your letter Keren, it is very well done. As with the US it is necessary I think for each of us to tell leadership where they are failing in their responsibility and hold them accountable. I do not know enough about your nation to understand you can be successful in changing your leadership, it seems though this is needful. I wish you good luck.

    1. Thanks Val for taking out time to check out my blog. Really appreciated. Like they say "be the change you want in the world". I wish we could hold our more leaders more accountable for their actions. The day would come I believe.


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