Wednesday, 18 February 2015


‎So, valentine's day have come and gone and I had lots of fun. Finally was able to give by hubby the gift he wanted most (thanks to you all who shared some gift ideas with me). I was chilling (can't remember where exactly) one hot evening, and was thinking that I hadn't posted anything on interior decor  in a very long time, so  I decided to check out the web for some inspiration. Of all the sites I visited, this one stood out to me - She is an artist and illustrator known for her unique Christmas ornaments, holiday decor and gifts.  ‎ Now this is totally new to me, but I always aspiring for something new was inspired by her to come up with creative ideas to repurpose Christmas decorations for use all year round, instead of packing them up till another Christmas. I have decided to do this for each month of the year, starting with this month, (though it's almost over).

For this month, the month of February, the month regarded by many if not all, as the of love. I have been brainstorming to come up with a creative idea for Valentine’s day. Redecorating in the shape of a HEART is what instantly comes to mind, but that one is already taken and a bit cliché. Going with a "V" seemed a little bit too obvious, even though a heart shape without the top part leaves us with a "V" too. I then thought about arranging the decorations in the alphabets that spell LOVE, making the V more pronounced to represent valentine. Finally, I decided to leave the proverbial "box" to think, guess what I came up with? 

I thought about synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and I came up with a homophone - Heart vs. Hat. You could redecorate in the shape of a Hat! What do you think of that? Crazy creative right? Well, if we weren't repurposing Christmas decorations, then you could use your hats (for those of us who have lots of hats) to decorate in the shape of a heart. As for what specific colours to use, that's easy. Valentine's day share some similarities in color with Christmas - red. Alright, that's all I could come up with for this month. Hope you love it.



  1. Thanks Dr. Keren, it's always good to keep those creative energies flowing. If variety is the spice of life, imagination must be the palm oil.

  2. Lol, @imagination is the palm oil. Thanks for commenting Mr. Adela


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