Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Once again, we’ve gone full circle and the Valentine’s Day is upon us, just 3 days to go and all the shops are spotting decor in red (a week ago, I didn't see those decor). These days, Valentine’s Day has been converted from its original meaning to a day shared by lovers. I think the aim was initially to show an act of love to someone. Anyway, this year in Nigeria, the Valentine’s Day was almost ruined for many by the now postponed elections. Prior to the postponement of the elections, I have it in mind to write on this particular post, but with the keywords reversed (nothing spoil sha).

If the elections had taken place, valentine's day would have been in the shadows. Phew!

Last year, I wrote on Valentine’s Day jokes, since I simply didn’t want to join the multitude of people writing on love like it’s a new discovery. I went ahead to collect and publish some very funny anti-valentines photos. It was fun! So this year, I thought I would write something about how the election exercise ruined the fun day, even had a popular photo to share, (I believe I’d still share that photo and the ones that came out after the elections were postponed). So, unfortunately, the elections were postponed and I have to come up with something original, (both in writing and asin getting a gift for my better half).

Talking about my better half, last Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t married (was preparing for the wedding), so I told him it would be better to save to money spent on gifts and instead added to the wedding plans. He ageed, but went ahead to surprise me with a lovely gift. This year, I intend to outdo him, only I have no idea what to get. Women in general seem to have run out of ideas for valentine's presents, the moment men said they were no longer interested in boxers, singlets, cufflinks and ties. Haba what else is left to buy now? Lol, just kidding. But seriously, I think I have exhausted whatever options men left as a choice of gifts, (maybe not). So, I just come out and ask for your suggestions. You can leave it in the comment box below.

Also, I just can't help but share some of these election and valentine photos with you. Just something to make you laugh a bit.

Make sure to have lots of fun,  partner or not, (roasting or not).


  1. Clever play on words with your title Dr. Keren. I say you give hubby a picture of yourself. Surely that should touch his heart. I'm serious, by the way.

    1. Thank you Mr Adela for your suggestion

  2. Get a black and white hand-drawn portrait of him using one of his memorable pictures.

    1. Awww... that's really nice, haven't thought about that before. So now I have the options of giving him a photo of me or of him. More suggestions please!!! (Getting greedy, lol)


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