Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Hello everyone,

Recently, the rate of renal problems (especially in young people) have increased exponentially, and I often wonder what could be the cause of this dramatic increase. This post is a call for help and I'm hoping that you, my esteemed readers would respond appropriately. A couple of times, I have come to you via this medium to ask for help for some seriously ill people. I can't say how many of you responded, but I'm believing that you did. You will find their stories here and here. Unfortunately, sometimes we win some and we lose some - like we did Emma. However, that we lost someone doesn't mean we should give up and not help the next person.

Above is a photo of such a young lady, 32 years old Ironuah Susan Akuchinyere, who has been dealt a bad deal by life. She developed chronic renal failure and was able to have a kidney transplant after an appeal on the national news in 2007. She was given a bit of respite till July 2013, when the disease reared its ugly head again. I say a bit because even after the renal transplantation, the dialysis never really stops because most of the time, it fails, rejected by the body of the recipient. Currently, she has to undergo dialysis 3x a week, she will need blood transfusions or erythropoeitin injections to help her maintain a normal red blood cell volume. One of the complications of chronic renal failure is anaemia. Her diet will have to be specific to her needs.  So, you see, she is in a lot of trouble, financially, health wise, and of course emotionally to say the least. She requires a huge sum of amount to go for a second transplant to give her a shot at life again. I'm talking about tens of thousands of dollars, about N8 million naira.

I want to appeal to you for support towards her recovery, her hospital bills have gone off the roof and she still needs more funds in order to put this behind her. Please for well meaning individuals who would like to be a part of the #letshelpaku campaign, u can make ur donations to the account details below: 
  • Accouht name: IRONUAH SUSAN AKUCHINYERE.                                                         Bank name: UBA                                                                                                       Account number: 2049404153. 

You can also get more people to donate by spreading the word. Reshare and rebroadcast this post, start the trend on twitter and facebook, share on instagram or even start a "save our souls" board on pinterest for people who ned help. You can also offer your prayers on herself behalf. Help comes in so many forms.

Let's help save her life. #LETSHELPAKU
Remain blessed. 


  1. Can your international readers be able to transfer foreign currency into this UBA account? I believe a domiciliary account in US$, € or £ may be easier to receive donations from your international readers.

    1. You are right Mr. Nwubani, I'll find out if she has a domiciliary account. In the meantime, I think maybe western union money transfer or something can be used

    2. For people who wish to support her financially from outside the country, kindly use her brother's account details provided below;
      Account Name: IRONUAH NNAMDI PRINCE.
      Account NO; 2742056896. Bank branch MICR code: 050151556. Swift code: ECOCNGLA
      Bank Name: Eco Bank NIG LTD, ILE Epo branch, Egbe Rd, Ejigbo, Lagos Nigeria

  2. Dear Dr. Amaechi may God act through you to provide what is needed to assist Ms Akuchinyere.


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