Friday, 24 April 2015


Hello and welcome to Friday! #TGIF!!! right? Yea so let's get it started. These days, a lot of people try to it healthy (trying to do so too myself, but it's not an easy feat. Thumbs up to those who can pull it off). However, whether you are eating healthy or not, I believe we should be able to have a day off for good behaviour, and I believe that today is that day.Besides, burgers are just enhanced sandwiches right? And you can choose what to add or remove if you make it yourself.

Fried meat and cabbage/carrots


Burger bread (it really doesn’t feel like a burger without one of those)

Beef, Chicken or Ham

Fresh Tomatoes




Red Onions

Green Bell Peppers



Olive Oil

Cheese (optional)

Spices (grinded pepper, salt, curry, thyme, seasoning cube)


Butter/ Mayonnaise/ Mustard (you can pick more than one)


First of all, I’m pretty sure you are wondering, what kind of hamburgers are these that we have to add spices. Well, it’s my special kind of burgers, I call it the “Kay’s spicy burger”. Something about the Nigerian palate and spices; again, there is something about Nigerians cooking every food, (which is why it was difficult to introduce vegetable salads to the diet of many Nigerians). Sometimes, we still cook some of the elements we use in our salads, unbelievable right?

Cook the meat (beef or chicken – don’t forget to season it properly) and shred it with a blender. Most of the time, Ham comes already prepared so you could just buy it off the shelf.

In a bowl, break and whisk one egg, (you can use just egg white if you are eating healthy). Mix the shredded meat with a bit of the egg, you don’t want to pasty mixture. Mould the shredded meat/egg mixture into tight circles.

Grate the carrots, slice the cabbage into tiny long strips (usually the same length as the grated carrots).

Wash and cut the fresh tomatoes, cucumber, green bell peppers and red onions into circles. 

Wash the lettuce and separate the leaves.

In a sauce pan, add a tincy wincy bit of olive oil (or vegetable oil) and fry the cabbage and carrots with garlic and minimal spice. Then fry the minced/shredded meat and then the eggs

Time to assemble; there really is no particular format for me. I just add everything in a way that I get to taste almost every ingredient in a single bite.

Cut the bread in two, spread the cream of your choice on either side of it. I like to spread butter on one side and mayo on the other.

On one half, place the lettuce, carrot and cabbage mixture and fried egg, next comes the meat and cheese. Then add the vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green peppers, cucumber). Cover with the other half, and you are ready to rock and roll!

Until next time, watch this space for the last week of the blogging challenge, my theme? – Medical drama.

By the way, how much do you love burgers?



  1. Thanks for sharing this very big burger. I hope this would be yummy. I will also try this at my home and will let you know about the taste.

    Mohinder Paul Verma

    1. You are welcome Mohinder, it is yummy. Try it and let me know how it goes.


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