Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hey guys, I'm here again with more sensational information, this time on how to fix up your bookshelves and cabinets in the most stylish way ever!!!
We all know the normal routine of stacking our books longitudinally according to the height (from tallest to shortest), others organize according the volume/size of the books. What about the plate and glassware cabinets in the kitchen or even your bar? Have you ever considered doing these arrangements a different way?, going a totally different direction from the everyday routine? Guess what, that's what makes all the difference.

Do a horizontal arrangement for your books, stacking according to volume, but this time also according to color. Put all shades of one color, e.g. green and put all shades of red next to it and so on. Don't forget my favourite thing to do; accessorize!! Put little vases, figurines or picture frames beside or between stacks/rolls. It just give you that POP!

horizontal arrangement of your bookshelf

There are also others ways to organise your bookshelves, for example, the books can be arranged diagonally, but the shelf has to be designed in that manner to pull it off effortlessly. Whatever design pattern you choose, just make it your own but please not tacky. 

Your cabinets can be pretty much done in the same manner. If you have many plates, why hide them in cartons in one unused section of your house? Put up an open cabinet and stack them according to colors and designs, same goes for your wine glasses and tea-cups. If not so comfortable with an open cabinet, then put a glass door on it just to showcase your great organizational skill. Always remember to accessorize and POP as you go! 

Please also take note that shelves are not just for books and kitchen-ware, they can be used to put p your accesories for those of us that are collectors and don't want the regular types been used. Some floating shelves could just be what you and looking for and more importantly, what you need. Hope this helps? Cheers

floating cabinets on the wall

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