Monday, 29 October 2012


If there ever was any difficulty in doing interior designs, then I'm sure it most definitely is in mixing textures and patterns. This is always a fun thing to do as long as it is done the right way and by that I mean making it look exquisite.

Textures simple means the feel of the material being used, be it in furniture or textiles for beddings and blinds. They include cotton, silk, wool, linen, nylon, polyester e.t.c. for textile materials and wood, glass, metal, marble e.t.c. for furniture. Leather or fabric (e.g velvet) can be used for both throwpillows and sofas. Combining for furniture is easy; it could be wood+leather, wood+marble, glass+metal, glass+leather, wood+fabric e.t.c.

Pattern means the design on the materials used. This is mostly  for textile materials where the colors become more evident. Patterns include flora prints, stripes, polka dots, checkered, animal prints, beading and embroidery e.t.c. When mixing patterns the color has to be in same color scheme. e.g in shades of pink, black & white and so on. you can add a pop of color with accessories of a different color.

Patterns used for wallpaper design

All black and white in different patterns and a pop of color with red throwpillow

Mixing patterns can also be done for beddings, you could mix same patterns in different dimensions or different patterns for bedspread and another for the duvet and pillowcases. samples below.

different  patterns for bedspread and pillowcase

same patterns (polka dots), different dimensions

Always have something in mind when mixing textures and patterns; IT HAS TO POP!

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