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Whoever  said there were specific colors to use for painting in your home? Who said it has to be all cream or white walls Why should all the walls be same color. My dears, believe me when I say, you can mix and match just the way you do with your clothings!!!! But, you must do it right.
Mixing colors can be done for any part of your house; either with the walls or window blinds(curtains) even with your beddings.
  • You can paint 2 adjacent walls a different color from the other two.
  • Different adjacent walls can be done using a wallpaper for two of the walls and paint for the other two.
  • If looking for a more uniform design, you can make it a 2-tone wall i.e. dividing the wall into 2 horizontally, then painting the lower part a different color from the upper part.
  • A 2-tone wall can also be done using a wallpaper or tile for the lower part n paint for the upper part.
  • A chair-rail, tiles or wallpaper can be used to separate the two parts instead of leaving it plain and boring especially when using only paint for your 2-tone wall.
  • Use white for your doors, window sills and chair-rail demarcations. it must not always be brown
***N.B: tiles for 2-tone walls are best used in your kitchen or bathroom.

Mixable colors include;
  • fuchsia pink and lilac
  • brown and orange/peach
  • any color with cream, ash, gold or white
  • green and yellow 
  • ox-blood and pink
  • green and pink
  • royal blue and pink or orange
  • purple and lilac
  • ash and red/orange
  • blue and yellow e.t.c

2 adjacent walls of different colors (1 with wallpaper)

2-tone curtains

Mixing fuchsia pink and lilac

With all said, is it possible to mix 3 colors in one space? I say of course! but this is done with extreme care. Most times it's done mixing 2 shades of a color and adding a 3 one that is different. For example;
  • Royal blue, baby blue and white
  • purple, lilac and cream
  • brown, gold and orange/peach
  • black, white and red
  • army green, mint green and pale yellow
2-tone walls with chair-rail

Designed chair-rail


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