Thursday, 11 October 2012


Just like I promised, the topic on creating a feature wall. This is a type of a pop of color and is simply choosing a wall in a space, and making it stand out. A feature wall in a bedroom is best placed at the head of the bed, while that in the living area is best placed on the wall where the television will be positioned. However a feature wall can be used to hide the emptiness of a large wall space that doesn't fit into the above description.

A feature wall can be created by;

  • Putting up a floor to ceiling wallpaper on just one wall,
  • Painting the wall a bright bold color
  • Placing an art work or beautiful mirror on the wall
  • Brick tiling is also the way to go. it's not just for fencing anymore




** Two of the trends can be mixed for extra effect

I'm going to use this opportunity to talk about the importance of a beautiful mirror and its characteristics.
The characteristics of a good, beautiful mirror are;
  • It must be large, most of the time rectangular. but, if you can get it in a not too common shape like a circle or hexagon, the better.
  • It must have a b-e-a-u-tifullllll frame
Mirrors are a great way to spruce up your space and the benefits are so much you simply can not do without them. Apart from the obvious fact that it can be used for a feature wall in place of an artwork or a wallpaper which are more expensive (well, depending on how you choose), it also does the following;
  • To cover up an unused, unnecessary wall.
  • It makes the space appear larger.
  • It brightens up the space by reflecting the lightings.
  • To cover up a bad spot on a wall
  • You can also always look at it just to see yourself
***Mirrors can be placed on opposite walls for a double effect.


  1. Great information on creating a feature for the wall. Do you do interior decorations as part of your package?

  2. yes interior decorations is part of the package

    1. where can i get the photo on top of the bed in the room with the green feature wall? pleas reply asap. thanks :)

    2. Hello Danijela, thanks for commenting on my blog and sorry my this reply is coming late. I don't know where you can get that particular photo, but a similar thing can be achieved via a small DIY project with the use of wallpapers and picture frames. I did something like it. You can find it on my post "recycling your long forgotten household items. Cheers


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