Thursday, 11 October 2012

POP of Color!

You know the way we all dress up these days; following the new trends;
  • Pop of color (bright colors)
  • White
  • Prints e.g flora or plaid 
  • Color blocking e.t.c

What if I tell you that you can do exactly same for your home? surprised?.... don't be. Like I've always said, "fashion is not just for guys and girls alone, it can now be incorporated into your home and living!

OK, let's not use the word 'fashion' anymore. Let's say STYLE!!! Sounds more fun right?

Now, how do we go about incorporating these new trends into our homes?
  • Add a POP of color by creating a feature wall. (this will be discussed in detail as we move along). It's basically choosing a wall in a space, and painting it a bright bold color. Tie this down with some fun home accessories like a vase
  • Make the entire space shades of same color like browns, whites, greys and add a splash of color with your throw-pillows, vases and rugs.

In the above photos you see the different shades of black and white with their respective POP of colors. In the white photo the plaid(print) trend is done tastefully

  • White is the ultimate POP of color! Use it for your wooden fixtures like your doors, window sills, door frame, chair rail demarcations; if you want that WOW!! factor

The above picture shows a POP of color with the red rug and wardrobe and the WOW factor with the white doors. it is just plain old lovely, isn't it? 

  • When using prints, you have to be extremely careful just so as to avoid the word 'tacky' being used in conjunction with your house. I repeat it has to be used minimally. More for accessories than for main furnishings. However, if you already have a print couch or blind , then the other elements of the room must be toned down so you don't give anyone a headache just looking at it. you don't a couch, rug, curtains, throw-pillows  all with leopard print! It simply screams "hey! welcome to the zoo!!!" Same goes for flora, plaid e.t.c.
  • Finally, color blocking! phew! I'm pretty sure you are beginning to wonder how to bring in this design into your home. Well not to worry, it's mostly for people who have conflicts of colors and have to share a space. Simply bring all your major colors together and tie it down with a neutral color, then accessorize with the remaining colors if you have any left. Neutral  colors include; nude, brown, black, white, grey, navy blue.
NB** please don't mix more than 2 trends just to POP color.
Remember at Kays Fittings we also take your house from "tacky" to TASTEFUL!!!
Cheers guys


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