Wednesday, 27 February 2013


It doesn't matter what type of furniture you used for your house in the past or what you are using now, all that matters is that whichever you decide on using fits into your proposed site and compliment each other. In the past, furniture used to be all about wood and having the same look, now with the current styles, different textures can be mixed up and used (refer to the article “mixing textures and patterns”). Furniture types now range from wood – glass – metal – marble – leather/fabric (upholstery)

Key notes
  • It mustn't overcrowd the space or be too scanty: If you want a settee and the complete set will be too much for your space, bargain with the shop owner and buy what you need
  • What will the space be used for? Do you intend to entertain a lot of friends?

 Make furnishing FUN!! for you, use a major long couch or L-shaped couch and throw in fun sets like 2 matching armchairs ( doesn't necessarily need to be same as the couch but must tie into the theme of the space

furniture include;
seating - couches, chairs, puffs e.t.c. 


dining sets, bars, office furniture, wardrobes and cabinets

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