Saturday, 2 March 2013


Color coding is useful when it comes to choosing a color to use for your house. In the article "mixing textures and patterns" and "mixing colors", it was mentioned how 2 colors can be used for a space. It was called the 2-tone wall. Here color coding is not only limited to your walls. The ways your clothing are hung in your closet also matter, in fixing up your bookshelves and plate cabinets. Tell me what is more fun than being able to organise your stuff using colors? Believe me it makes everything so much easier. Are you looking for a book or that blouse you love so much but can never find to wear? When you organise by color codes, you see everything at a glance. You can even use color codes for your clothes folded into drawers. An example of how to color code is shown below;

WhiteSilverSky blueTurquoise blue (aqua)Royal blueNavy bluePurpleLilac Baby pinkPinkFuchsia – Red - Maroon – Brown – Tan (Carton color)OrangePeachGold – YellowLemon greenTurquoise greenLeaf greenArmy greenGrey – Black

Every one doesn't have all shades of color in their wardrobe at every given time so; all you need when fixing your wardrobe is to arrange the cloths in ascending or descending shades of colors like from lightest to the darkest shade.

Try out this little trick when organizing and see how much easier it becomes to reach objects. Hope you love this article as much as you've loved the previous ones.

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