Sunday, 24 February 2013


I’m going to begin this topic by asking the question – “What is an accessory?” It is anything that performs the function of enhancing the beauty of your home. It acts to complement the design and add that fashionable effect you may just be looking for. It can range from little knick-knacks gathered along the way from places you've visited, to stuff as large as a Persian rug or an art-work.

Accessories are as important in a house as they are in your everyday dressing to go to work. They don’t always have to be flashy, some are actually very basic. Take this example, you are getting ready to go out and you have your dress but no underwear (basic accessory) or okay you have your underwear, but no wristwatch (necessary). Say you have your wristwatch, what about your footwear or purse, earrings, bracelets or necklace? For the guys what about your wallet e.t.c? So you see even though you have a dress or shirt and trousers, you don’t feel very comfortable and confident stepping out of your house without your accessories. On the long run, adding these accessories basic or not make you feel fully clothed.

You can use this approach when designing your space. Don’t look at it as just designing however; look at it as dressing your house. You don’t have to go out of your way to look for accessories because, believe me when I tell you this; You already have some. Examples of accessories for your home include;





Framed Pictures (hung on wall or set on table tops).

Lamps (table-top or standing)

Plants (natural or artificial)



Little furniture pieces with an edge e.g. coffee tables, puff cushions


If you are a collector of certain things like shells (like I am) or artworks, good! Please don’t throw them just anywhere, and don’t collect to the point where it becomes a burden. Display all your collected items on a desk-top to create more effect. I’m such you agree with me that creating a focal point for things you have a lot of gives it a voice of its own as opposed to when it’s littered and displayed everywhere (refer to the topic “picture arrangement”).

Accessories like picture frames and vases can be added on your bookshelves and cabinets as shown above.


  1. These all are the type of home accessories we must have in our list of decorating items, when we are going to decorate our home.Thank you for this valuable and collectible post.

    1. Hey Grace, thank you for your comment. The accessories you need depend on which space you are styling but yes you'll be needing most of them to decorate your home. Will be talking more on which ones go with a particular space when I begin my "how to" section. Thanks again


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